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10 Wedding Ceremony Trends to Incorporate into Your Same-Sex Wedding

Christina Phelps Bowman, creator and director of Beautiful Wedding Ceremonies shares with us 10 wedding ceremony trends she is seeing more and more.

Wedding ceremonies are being more and more personalized for each couple these days. Personalizing your ceremony can be a collaborative effort with your officiate and a fun way to make your same-sex wedding even more memorable for you and your guests.

Some ways my same-sex couples are personalizing their wedding day include: The wedding date may hold significance for the couple and the reason would be stated in the ceremony. The venue may be a place both bride and groom visited with their families when they were children, and this would be mentioned in the ceremony. Their ethnic background may be honored and celebrated with a special ritual during the ceremony for example: jumping the broom, physically tying a knot, lassoed together, tea ceremony, wine ceremony or hand fasting. Couples are choosing to face their family and friends during the ceremony with the officiate standing to one side.

Here are ten ideas that couples I have worked with are using to personalize their ceremonies.

  • Double Ring Ceremony. Before the double ring ceremony the rings are passed around among friends and family for them to make a silent wedding wish.
  • Joining of the family: This ceremony is incorporated for a second marriage where children were born in their first marriage. The couple takes vows regarding the children, and a token of love is presented to the children to commemorate the occasion.
  • Shell Ceremony. At the end of the ceremony everyone will walk to the shoreline. On the count of three the shells are tossed into the Gulf, symbolize a one word wish, desire, or intent for the couple as they embark on their new journey together as husband and wife.
  • Sealing the wine box with the love letters on their wedding day. The box contains a bottle of wine and a love letter written by the bride and groom and are individually sealed in two different envelopes. The box is sealed after the double ring ceremony, and is placed in their home to serve as a reminder of their love commitment to one another. They can open it on their 5th wedding anniversary reading the love letter from the other, while enjoying the wine.
  • Honoring the past generations, parents and grandparents who are present. This ritual is most effective if it is a surprise to the parents and grandparents. The officiate on behalf of the couple thank the parents and the grandparents for their love, support and guidance they have given them through the years. This honoring can be coupled with the sand ceremony with the grandparents pouring sand in the center vessel first, and then the parents; both of which represent the foundation that has been given this couple on which to build a wonderful marriage. The bride and groom then pour their sand into the center vessel creating a beautiful design of three generations.
  • Acknowledgement of loved ones who have past. Early in the wedding ceremony, the officiate would honor loved ones who have passed and were close to the bride and groom. This can be general and all encompassing, or it can be specific where the name of the person is mentioned as well as their relationship to the bride or groom.
  • The Rose Ceremony. The couple gives their first gift of a rose to each other after the double ring ceremony. It means, “I love you today, and always”. A single rose is given to each other every anniversary, and at any point in their relationship, where words can’t convey the meaning of their hearts.
  • One Thousand Cranes. The crane mates for life. A couple and their families will fold one thousand cranes to be placed in the area of the wedding ceremony. It is done with the intention that this couple will have a long and prosperous marriage.
  • Carrying out a tradition in your ceremony used by your parents or grandparents. Some couples get married on the same date as their parents or grandparents. The bride may wear pearls from the past generations, while the groom may be adorned by a pocket watch with the visible chain.
  • Vintage weddings have become a popular theme. We are seeing vintage gowns, as well as couples choosing to have their ceremonies at a venue that has great history. The use of a vintage vehicle for the arrival of the bride, and the departure of the bride and groom adds a charming and memorable touch.

About Christina:

Christina is the creator and director of Beautiful Wedding Ceremonies. She is a Licensed Unity Teacher, through the Association of Unity Churches, Unity Village, Missouri, and is ordained through The Beloved Community. She brings a rich professional background in public speaking as a Distinguished Toastmaster, speaking in churches and serving as a Keynote Address Speaker for many venues. Her greatest gift is customizing a beautiful ceremony with each couple that reflects, their thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs.

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