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16 Lesbian Beach Wedding Ideas

16 Bright Ideas for your Lesbian Beach Wedding: by Gillian Andrew of Fun In the Sun Weddings.

What better way could there be to show your pride at your lesbian beach wedding than by incorporating a rainbow theme? And with so many cute, funky and unique ways to do it, why wouldn’t you? Here are 16 ideas to get you started:

Invitations & Save The Date Cards

Get your guests on board with the rainbow theme right from the beginning. When you request the honor of their presence, also ask that they choose their wedding wear accordingly. Suggest to each guest (tactfully) to wear an outfit from one color of the rainbow. When your whole technicolored guest list comes together to celebrate your love seaside, it will make for a spectacular scene on the beach!

lesbian beach wedding ideas rainbow guest attire
Photo Credit: Cori Cook Floral Design Blog

“I Do” Under The Rainbow

You are having your wedding on the beach, so you can afford to be casual with your ceremony set up. Circle or semi circle seating for your wedding ceremony will make this idea work best. Since your guests will all be wearing their one chosen rainbow color (see above), have them sit with their ‘designated color’ during the ceremony, forming a rainbow around you while you say “I Do!” Build a witty sign that reads “Find your shade, not your side, let’s make a rainbow, to show our pride!”

Fun Sunglasses

If you are planning a destination wedding somewhere hot and tropical, like the Mayan Riviera, then invest in a bunch of inexpensive, brightly colored sunglasses. You can put these into your guests welcome bags so that the fun rainbow theme can unite and identify your group and carry through the whole trip. Alternatively, you can hand them out to guests right before the ceremony, which makes for another awesome group wedding photo opportunity!

41PLYRHLg2L._SX342_ Lesbian Beach Wedding ideas Rainbow sunglasses for guests


Colorfully Comfy Guests

In case you didn’t get the memo, a beach wedding can get HOT! (Especially when you have chosen a tropical destination like Mexico.) Ensure your guests’ comfort, while keeping it colorful, by providing rainbow colored parasols for shade, and rainbow colored Japanese fans for a little hand held breeze.

Lesbian Wedding Beach Ideas
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Raining Rainbows

Have your guests throw brightly colored confetti to celebrate the new Mrs. & Mrs.

lesbian beach wedding ideas- rainbow confetti
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Brighten Up The Chair Backs

This idea can be used for your beach ceremony and/or beach reception. Tie brightly colored streamers or soft fabric to the backs of white chairs to add a splash of rainbow color.

lesbian beach wedding ideas rainbow chairs
Photo Credit:


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Here’s where the sky’s the limit for you creative types. Every wedding needs flowers, and lots of them! This is an awesome opportunity to make rainbows everywhere! Think;

-matching bouquets for you and the Mrs

-décor for a chuppah

-petals as an aisle runner

-centerpieces at the wedding reception

-woven into your hair

….the possibilities are endless! Choose from your favorites or from whatever happens to be in season. Red roses, orange tiger lilies, yellow sunflowers, green palm fronds, blue morning glories, purple violets…you get the idea! Every flower carries special meaning, so research which ones reflect your unique personalities and relationship.

rainbow lesbian beach wedding ideas
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Pride-al Bridal Party

Have your besties in your bridal party each wear a different color of the rainbow, or better yet tie dye! (Excuse me, did she just say TIE DYE?) Oh yeah…. a super cute tie dye maxi dress at a beach wedding? Come on! Now there’s a bridesmaid dress you can actually reuse!

lesbian beach wedding ideas rainbow maxi shoplovejoy
Photo Credit:

Rainbow Flower Girls

Your flower girls are the perfect place to get both crazy and adorable with a beach rainbow theme. Picture your lovely little beauties in rainbow colored tu-tus, walking through the sand holding a bundle of rainbow colored balloons….I can almost here the cooing of the crowd now….

lesbian beach wedding ideas rainbow flower girl
Photo Credit:

Fun Footwear

One of the many nice things having about a beach wedding is the array of comfortable footwear options that are ‘acceptable’ to wear. Give me sneakers and sandles over a pair of heels any day! And luckily, finding rainbow colored flip flops, Converse or Toms is not terribly challenging, if you have access to online shopping.

Peek-A-Boo Pride On The Brides

How about matching rainbow garter belts? So FUN!

lesbian beach wedding ideas- rainbow garter belts
Photo Credit:

Rainbows For Fingers & Toes

Get a rainbow themed manicure and pedicure. Each digit can have a different color, or get tiny little pride flags painted on your toes! Manicure and Pedicure

Lesbian Beach Wedding Ideas Rainbow Nails
Photo Credit:

Kick it up a notch

Let your personality shine by adding a splash of vibrant rainbow colors to your wedding dress. How about a technicolor veil, or colorful feathers pinned to the hem of your dress to make a statement! Not the dress wearing type? Think rainbow colored bow tie or suspenders!

Lollipop Garden

If the idea of rainbow colored flowers as reception table centerpieces (see above) feels too predictable to you, why not try giant rainbow swirled lollipops tucked into a vibrant flowerpot, surrounded by a variety of other little colorful candies in all shapes and sizes. This makes for fun and unique wedding reception décor AND can double as a sweet treat for your guests to take home with them!

Let Them Eat Cake

There are ‘oh so many’ fun ways to bring a rainbow theme into your wedding cake! Go big, and get a multi-tiered cake with each tier frosted, you guessed it, a different color of the rainbow! Or if you prefer, have a more traditional looking wedding cake and then when you and your new wife cut into it, surprise your guests with a rainbow of color on the inside!

rainbow wedding cake lesbian beach wedding
Photo Credit:

Guest Gifts

Who doesn’t love a present? Your wedding guests are no exception. If you have planned a beach wedding in Mexico, a very simple and inexpensive décor idea that will double as a guest favors are Mariachi Shakers! Decorate your tables with all the colors of the rainbow, and when the MC announces the arrival of the newlyweds to the wedding ceremony, everyone can shake with approval! Or have it be your solution to that terrible tinking of glasses for a Newlywed smooch! Get your names and the wedding date painted on each shaker, so that everyone will remember your beach wedding while happily shaking their stuff for years to come…

lesbian beach wedding ideas- rainbow Mariachi Shakers
Photo Credit:


Here’s a bonus idea for you! It’s something I have always wanted to do as a party theme, and it would work amazingly well if you are planning to host a Rainbow themed Bachelorette party. Here’s how it works: Have each attendee come dressed in all the different colors of the rainbow. Every item of clothing they wear should be of a different color. They begin the event as a rainbow themselves. Then as the evening goes on, each person must continuously swap or trade an article of their clothing with someone else’s in an effort to end up as one solid color by the end of the night! So FUN! And if you do this, I expect an invite…

Gillian Andrew is co-owner/operator at Fun In The Sun Weddings in the beautiful Mayan Riviera of Mexico. They provide full service wedding photography for the Adventurous, The Peculiar, The Mischievous and The Party Animals and welcome all lesbian weddings and same-sex weddings with pride!

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