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4 Tips for hiring the best caterer for your wedding

So you’ve set the date and found the perfect venue for your wedding. It’s now time to focus on the other details of your wedding. While it’s important to get started on finding the perfect wedding attire and decorations for your special day, it’s also essential that you spend a lot of time and effort in choosing who your wedding caterer will be for the big event.

When you think about it, not many people might remember how your wedding reception lighting was like, or what type of flowers were on the table, but they will definitely remember if the food was good or forgettable. It’s also probably the portion of the wedding where you will spend the most money on, so be critical of your choice, whether it’s a caterer in Tallahassee or from anywhere else. If you are clueless on what to look for in a good wedding caterer, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Set a budget before you start canvassing for caterers – here’s the thing, you need to set your budget even before you start hunting for your wedding caterer. Don’t try to contact them without knowing how much you are willing to spend. It will especially be a problem if you start looking at their menu options or have a tasting with them, only to find out that you cannot afford their services. Set a budget first so you will know which ones you can afford. You’ll also be able to ask a caterer if they can customize that will fit your budget.

2. See if your venue has any recommendations – if you already have a venue and you’ve paid the downpayment, you can actually ask them if they have a set of wedding caterers that they prefer to work with. But don’t be pressured to pick one that is from their list. You can still go with your own choice after all. But you may have to ask them if there are any requirements that your caterer must meet so that they will be allowed to cater your event. Some venues might ask for a corkage fee so you will have to factor that in your budget.

3. Arrange for a tasting and a visit to their kitchen – of course, you cannot choose a wedding caterer just based on recommendations, you will need to taste their food! If you’ve narrowed down your choices to about 3, arrange a food tasting with them so you can see if their food is up to your taste and standard. Also, check if you can visit their kitchens. You want to see that they prepare their food in a clean space too.

4. Look at how well they communicate with their potential clients – it’s not just the food and the price that is important, but how well their customer service is. If you’ve emailed them about an inquiry and it takes them at least a week to get back to you, then it might be better to cross them off your list.

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