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4 Tips to choosing the right earrings for your wedding dress

Accessories can play a huge role in your overall wedding look. So, when it comes to choosing one, you need to make sure that you are not overdoing it and you are choosing something that is not just stylish, but something that reflects your personal style. One of the accessories that brides must have is the earrings. This is a most especially good addition to your look if you will opt for an updo hairstyle. It will add an extra sparkle to your face. After all, you are the star of this magical event.

Here are 4 tips to choosing the right wedding earrings for your wedding dress.

  1. Make your wedding dress of choice the guideline for your earrings.

Your accessories should complement your dress and not the way around. So it is only fitting that you choose your wedding dress first. Once you have chosen the perfect wedding dress, make its design and color the guideline for your earrings. If you have a white gown, a platinum or silver earrings will look good in it. If it is ivory or champagne, warm tones like gold jewelry are the perfect match for it. On the other hand, if your wedding dress is blush, rose gold earrings will help coordinate it with the pink colors of your dress.

  1. Do not overdo it.

Perhaps the general rule when it comes to choosing earrings or any jewelry for your wedding dress is to not overdo it. Oftentimes, a lot of us tend to easily get drawn to sparking and beautiful jewelry when in fact it is already too much. Remember, your earrings should add sparkle to your overall look and not outshine it. Stick with few and simple pieces. Choosing earrings that not only looks good on you but also your dress.

  1. Choose something that reflects your own style and personality.

Choosing your wedding dress and even accessories is a personal matter and should be something that reflects who you are. Every jewelry looks good but you should choose something that you personally like. For instance, diamonds and crystals are definitely magnificent, but you would prefer pearls over it. Choose the kind of earrings that you think will match who you are and something that you are comfortable with. Some may prefer chandelier earrings while others stick to studs. Go with something that makes you confident and happy.

  1. Avoid a pair of earrings with so many colors.

Having too many colors in one piece of jewelry is a big no-no. When it comes to choosing the right earrings for your wedding dress, choose something that has a single or bi-color that can perfectly complement your wedding dress. Otherwise, it will look messy and will steal the focus that is supposed to be you. It should add a bit of color in your white dress, but not too much that it will now draw people’s attention towards your earrings and not to your dress or most especially to you.


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