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Your 5 Big Same-Sex Wedding Mistakes

Finally, we’ve moved to a happy place – no more discussions about all the rights and wrongs concerning gay marriage (hopefully), it’s all about planning now! Just as it normally is, we have to think about both good and bad sides of this planning in order to make your W-day an unforgettable experience!

To avoid being the talk of your friends and making a circus out of your beautiful day, we’ll be pointing out some of the most common gay wedding mistakes in hope that you’ll understand, process and avoid them at all costs!

Here, a breakdown:

Too much of everything

We absolutely understand the frustration of having to wait for too many years to finally be officially married, especially if you’ve been in a long loving relationship for years. It is precisely due to this frustration that most couples go so big on their weddings that the wedding itself becomes bigger than them and love. Don’t be the one to make such a mistake. Instead, throw a wedding that will reflect the love you and your partner feel for each other and turn it into a day that will make your heart sing. Any form of extravaganza will just kill it.

Copying Sex and the City

Honey, you don’t have the budget to pull off a Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marantino wedding – and even if you did, copying a fictional wedding (or even a real celebration) simply doesn’t hold water. You want your day to be you, in all its glory. Sure, we’ll admit the “broom” stunt was super cute (yes, the one Liza Minnelli pulled off), but let’s keep things personal, shall we?

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Overspending to impress

Nobody’s going to love you more or appreciate you more if they’re drinking champagne out of diamond glasses, using 100$ bills for napkins or dipping strawberries into gold. Overspending isn’t the way to give a statement to your wedding – love is. We all know how long we’ve been waiting for gay marriage to become legal, so why kill it with something as trashy as showing off. Keep things within the budget and instead of renting doves for ring bearers – focus on having the best moment of your life!

Going matchy-matchy

Thinking they’ll look super cute, most gay couples tend to go matchy-matchy. All while, at times, this can turn out to be adorable – for the most part, it tends to end up looking pretentious and drab. Instead of overwhelming everything with your sameness, express your personality through your unique wedding attire. Everyone knows you’re both the same sex so there’s no need to emphasize it by wearing the same clothes.

However, if going matchy-matchy is something you absolutely want to do, then make sure you grace up your attire with accessories here and there. We love the idea of finding that perfect pair of Murano Glass cufflinks online and adding them to your tailored suit. The other one can go with an unusual bowtie or printed shirt for effect.

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Forcing tradition and ending disappointed

Unlike straight couples who are all about the first dances, godkids being ring bearers, fathers taking their daughters to the altars and church weddings, most gay couples simply aren’t. It’s not that we’re disobeying the tradition – we’re simply creating our own.

With that in mind, don’t try to force a replica of a straight wedding onto your own, especially if you’re not feeling like that’s what you’d want. Instead, make your own rules with your partner and turn your W-day into a statement of your personal likes, your love for each other and your own aesthetics.


Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at The Authentic Gay and My Wedding Mag from NZ. By sharing unique perspective on what you might call a perfect gay wedding, his future plans are in finding the one with whom he is gonna organize one. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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