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5 Reasons Same-sex Destination Weddings are On The Rise

Let your wanderlust guide you to paradise! Destination weddings are continuing to make strides as a more fun and unique way to exchange vows, especially amongst same-sex couples. With marriage equality at the forefront of the media, more and more LGBT couples are jetting off to an ultra-romantic locale with a beautiful backdrop to exchange vows surrounded by their closest friends and family. But, if you aren’t sure if packing a suitcase should be on your wedding to-do list, here are the top five reasons why we think it should be…

1. The world is yours

The past year and a half has marked a time of change and celebration for the LGBT community. Not only did the U.S. Supreme Court legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states, many other destinations are also embracing marriage equality. In fact, same-sex marriage is now legal in 22 countries!

In 2015, Ireland became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage through popular vote, which means the emerald isle is now more LGBT-friendly than ever. Ireland might be one of the most recent nations to welcome same-sex marriage, but they are far from the first. From the sandy beaches of Mexico and Aruba to the rainforests of Costa Rice and the stunning architecture of Barcelona, the world is waiting for you to say “I do!”

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2. Celebrate with your nearest and dearest

Squabbling over the guest list tops the downside of wedding planning for many couples. Where do you draw the line… your third cousins or your in-law’s neighbors? Planning a destination wedding naturally cuts down the guest list to your closest friends and family, and allows you to focus your time on the people you love the most. But don’t fret about those who couldn’t make the trip, technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch while away. Set up a wedding hashtag, or even a snapchat geo-filter so those at home and at your resort can follow along throughout your journey. Some resorts may even be able to live stream your ceremony for them to feel almost like they’re right there with you!

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3. It’s your big day(s)

Why limit the best day of your life to only one day? Let’s face it; a traditional, at-home wedding tends to only last a fleeting few hours. In contrast, a destination wedding allows for an average of 3-4 days of celebrations, including exciting excursions! From a welcome catamaran cruise to exploring the jungle or snorkeling through endless coral reefs, exotic destinations allow you to plan amazing experiences to make your guests’ stays even more memorable. Whether you choose a long weekend, or an entire week, you’ll have plenty of time to relax (and explore!) with your guests.

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4. Gorgeous photographs

Wedding photos are special no matter where they are taken. But, destination wedding photo albums are nothing short of spectacular. Imagine wading hand-in-hand into the turquoise waters of Turks and Caicos. Or, picture sharing a kiss on the cliffs of Santorini. Every image you take is postcard-worthy! With wedding photographs this gorgeous, you’re sure to be the envy of your Instagram followers!

Congrats to Angela & Ashley! Photo credits: Chaird Photo. Lesbian Destination Wedding by

5. Effortless affordability

Did you know the average cost for couples working with Destination Weddings Travel Group has remained under $10,000 for over a decade? Getting married away is a great way to save your hard-earned dollars, while still having the big day of your dreams. For most traditional weddings, much of the budget goes towards food, drink and décor. But for destination weddings at an all-inclusive resort, your meals and alcohol are taken care of, and the beautiful surroundings serve as décor enough! You may also receive great group rates and perks for a little extra savings along the way! So, save your dessert budget for a honeymoon suite upgrade (plus, save on a flight if you don’t mind honeymooning near your amazing wedding location)!

With so many reasons to say “I do” to a celebration abroad, it’s no wonder same-sex destination weddings are here to stay! Start planning yours today with complimentary guidance and expertise of has been the established leader in destination weddings and romance travel for over a decade, they offer couples a simple way to create their own personalized celebration in paradise. With nearly 25,000 custom events planned, their expertise helps make your planning experience easy and stress-free! Even better, though their services are also 100% free, when you work with, you receive a whole host of incredible benefits that you won’t be able to find in one place anywhere else in the world!

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