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5 Tips for a Gay Wedding Proposal

Have you decided to finally put a ring on it? A gay relationship may still be out of the ordinary for most people, but love is love, and gay wedding proposal shouldn’t be any different. If you’ve decided it’s time to declare that you and your partner are tying the knot soon, here are 5 tips to help you plan for the big moment.

Decide who gets to witness

It is your partner someone who would prefer to make this moment private? Or are they the type who enjoys attention and would appreciate a cheering crowd when they say yes? There may be sensitivity required here if your partner hasn’t fully come out yet. Also think about what you want – would it help you to have your supportive family and friends around, or do you want to pop the big question through an intimate conversation? It helps to plan the environment you want to propose in. Use what you know about yourself and your partner to make sure none of you would feel awkward during this very special moment.

Ask for blessing and support

Asking for your partner’s hand from his or her parents might now be tagged as an old tradition, but it does make the proposal more meaningful especially if their family means a lot to them. Take courage and consider letting your soon-to-be-in-laws know your plans of proposing. They might even give you some invaluable advice or perhaps a long-kept heirloom they’d love to hand over.Close friends can also give an excellent confidence boost. If you’re planning a surprise proposal, having a few helping hands can make the event feel less risky. Mutual friends might also have ideas of little things that can make your partner feel extra special on this day. Reach out and support will surely come!

It’s the little things

Aside from planning on the event’s privacy and mood, recall hints that your partner may have dropped during casual conversations. First of all, is marriage something they have already considered? If your answer is yes, move on to planning the details. Would they want an engagement ring? What kind of engagement ring would suit their personality? Would they mind getting an affordable engagement ring or a fancier one? Do they hold a certain place sentimental? Would playing their favorite song when approaching the moment make it more memorable? It’s the little things that make up anything grand, after all. Find a way to remind yourself of these within a month or two. Ask more questions, but don’t be too pushy. Observe a little harder, but always with loving eyes.

Document it

Who wouldn’t want to freeze this precious moment in a photo? You’ll find after years of marriage that it’s fun to go down memory lane every now and then. Find talented creatives who can help you document this once in a lifetime moment. Browse through portfolios and look out for a unique eye and perfectly captured emotions. It definitely will cost a significant amount, but it’s a treasure you can keep forever.

Laugh it out!

Weather and bad timing are just two things we do not have control over, so keep in mind not to take misfortunes too seriously. Get your optimistic side on from the planning period to the big day.One benefit of having supportive friends and family all throughout is that human connection definitely makes the load a lot lighter. The good laughs you get from the crazy ideas, all the hurdles with logistics, and tiny failures leading up to the proposal will make for a great story to look back on.

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