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7 Exciting Things Newlyweds Can do on a Honeymoon

A honeymoon is the aftermath of a wedding. Thus, it is as essential as the wedding itself. Most couples have a plan already laid out for their most anticipated honeymoon. Such plans include hotel accommodation, plane tickets for a honeymoon trip, candlelight dinner, etc.

However, there is more to honeymoons than just the usual. For instance, some couples will have just one thing in mind, and that is to rest. The wedding and the reception activities are quite tiresome already. Nevertheless, other couples are very enthusiastic about their honeymoon.

Additionally, the word honeymoon usually equates to sex. Thus, it is crucial to prepare just the right weapon(s) in anticipation of the battle at hand. Condom, lubricants, and sex toys can add more spice to the lovemaking. However, if you do not have any, you can browse the net and watch videos about making homemade sex toys using simple materials.

With everything planned and prepared, you can now proceed smoothly. Here are some exciting things newlyweds can do during a honeymoon.

Go On a Vacation Trip

You might want to consider planning a trip for your honeymoon. Spending a week or two in a place away from your hometown might be a memorable honeymoon activity you probably want to try. Perhaps, the perfect wedding gift you can give to your partner is to bring them somewhere they wish to be. Trust me; it will be priceless.

Enjoying the First Sex of Your Married Life

Sex is more remarkable when you do it with all the love and affection towards your partner. It is more so when you are married or just got married. Therefore, sex must be more intimate and likely as enjoyable as it should be.

Just enjoy the moment. Get down to business and make sure to give your partner the best you can on your special night. The best honeymoon is nothing without the best sex.

Do Playful Things during Love Making

The climax of a honeymoon is almost always lovemaking. Therefore, you would want to do extra things to make it more exciting than usual. Be creative and playful. Use sex toys if necessary and talk dirty if that’s what it takes to spice up this pivotal event. Whispers, moans, positions, etc., can be very helpful.

Engage In An Intimate Conversation

One more thing that can make your honeymoon extra special is by communicating. Proper communication means that you should allow yourself to become vulnerable and open to your partner, through speaking your mind and tell him or her what you want. By doing this, it will help you learn more about your partner.

Communication is key to a long-lasting relationship. Thus, a honeymoon can be more fun when you start initiating a conversation. Talk about things that can set the mood for a more intimate endeavor.

Watch Movies and Chill

If there is one thing that can help you relax and entertain, movies can give you that. Popcorns and pizzas over a movie you both like are something you can work on to relax yourselves after an exhausting wedding day. Thus, watching movies together adds intimacy to your honeymoon experience.

Netflix is home for great movies and TV series, evenly on par with other similar platforms such as HBO. Well, “Netflix and chill” is a famous line nowadays. Go and try.

Open Wedding Gifts Together

If you do not have other things to do on your honeymoon night, opening wedding gifts can be entertaining and exciting. Wedding gifts are a happy pill for couples. These are random stuff usually helpful for the newlyweds, such as glasses, plates, lingerie, iron, etc.

Some friends and family members would go the extra mile to give you the gift you need. Cooking pots, appliances, etc., are just among the usual gifts friends and relatives would try to wrap as wedding gifts.

Relax and Distress

Honeymoons are intended for the relaxation of couples. Who would not want to be distressed after a tiresome wedding day? A relaxing honeymoon is only fitting. Hence, distressing and relaxation can be anything.

For instance, going to a massage parlor. Perhaps, give your partner a massage yourself. You can also listen to relaxing music while going to sleep. Stay in your hotel for as long as you want if need be.


Honeymoons are expected to be a special event for newlyweds. Preparations are necessary, and surprises are encouraged. Thus, couples try their hardest to make it memorable.

If you want to make your honeymoon extra special, remember to plan. It is recommended that you should list down the things you want to do on your honeymoon night. Don’t forget to also bring the things you need and try to make it memorable.

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