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Marrying the love of your life is one of the happiest moments of your life. LGBTQ+ couples can now get married too, thanks to our society who’s becoming more accepting of our LGBTQ+ community members. What comes after marriage, though? Of course, it is living together with your partner. Finding the perfect place to settle down to is important as this will be your home. Facilities are also essential to consider as this will be helpful while you’re staying there.


Residential condominiums are a great place to start your marriage life, and here are 7 LGBTQ+ friendly places to settle down to.


118 Museum Way, San Francisco


It is located in Castro, San Francisco, which is the most LGBTQ+ friendliest place in the whole city. Not only that, it is known worldwide to be a tourist spot because of its lively town. You can find walls painted in the rainbow colors and a theater which features drag shows and musicals.


The Castro boasts homes and buildings that are of Victorian and Edwardian styles. The 118 Museum Way is a two and three-bedroom condo-style, which has a price between $1.2 million and $1.8 million or more.


The Gotham, Denver

Capitol Hill is the place which is LGBTQ+ friendly in Denver. It also has a lot of condominiums you can find here so it’s relatively easy to find one and on top of that it is affordable with a starting price of $200,000. Denver is also known for queer film festival.


The Gotham is a residential condominium that is near commercial establishments. So whatever you need, you can easily find one nearby. The facilities are outstanding as you can access free wifi, gym, and laundry.


Midtown Lofts, Minneapolis

Minneapolis is known as the “Gayest US City” by The Advocate. The place that you should be looking here is the Lyn Lake neighborhood simply because most of the businesses found here are owned by LGBTQ+ people.


Midtown Lofts is a residential condominium that is well known for its amazing features. The view here is a courtyard and a pond which is beautiful to look at every morning. High ceilings and open floor plan are what you can find here.


The Ambassador, Seattle

Capitol Hill is a breathtaking place to be. You can find friendly shops here and even crosswalks painted in rainbow colors.

The Ambassador offers garage parking which is a big plus. It is also pet friendly as pets are also allowed here as long as it is weighed under 26 lbs. This also gives a classy vibe as it is designed with bricks.


Piedmont Park, Atlanta



The LGBTQ+ friendly place in Atlanta is found in Piedmont Avenue. Piedmont Park has a condominium which is priced for almost $300,000. The third-floor condominium units have unique features such as a balcony which has a park as a view. Its kitchen is also great as it is made of stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. This one is truly great for starting a family.


Palm Springs Villa, Palm Springs

LGBTQ+ events and parties are always rocking in Palm Springs.


You can find a one-bedroom condo unit in the Palm Springs Villas which has a beautiful interior design. Its facilities include a pool, spa, and tennis court.


If you love going to parties and fancy events, this one’s perfect for you.


Wilton Manors, Florida

Wilton Manors is an excellent choice if you’re fond of beaches. It is only 5 minutes away from the beach, and the community is also great. The nightlife is also one thing you’ll love here.


The facilities include a pool, a clubhouse with billiards and ping pong, and storage. This is also nearby malls and restaurants. There is just so much to do here!


Interior design is essential after choosing your residential condominium. If you’re still not decided after reading the list, here’s another list of condos for sale in Barrie you might want to consider.


It is tough to decide where you should be settling down after the wedding. But with proper information and research, you’ll be able to find a place you’ll love going home to.


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