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Marriage equality is important to the entire country because it sets the stage for the treatment of all homosexuals. I don’t want to read one more story about a young teenager committing suicide because they are ashamed of how they were born and who they are. Nothing is more heartbreaking than someone who feels so alone in the world that they see no other option than to end their life. How these young people feel about themselves starts with how we treat the entire LGBT community and through marriage equality. Making marriage legal for everyone levels the playing field. Treating people differently opens the door for discrimination and labels.

Pridezillas is taking a stand. We will not tolerate hate. Pridezillas was created to showcase the acceptance that exists for the LGBT community.

Pridezillas strives to be the site you go to once your partner proposes, your starting point, your compass and roadmap for planning the most spectacular wedding day. Pridezillas is a reference to find wedding professionals who will treat you and your partner with respect and dignity during one of the most momentous, historical times in your life. A wedding is a major milestone, it’s a right of passage and a day that will live in your memory for life. Life isn’t always roses, but your wedding day is a memory you want to hold dear and cherish for life. It’s a day you will come back to when the times get tough. Pridezillas is here to protect your sacred day from being tarnished by ignorance.

Marriage equality is the right thing to do. We don’t believe the LGBT community is attempting to reinvent marriage. The desire to solidify your union and commitment to each other in front of your closest family and friends is a wedding. Promising to love, honor and respect the person you love for as long as you both shall live and following through on that promise is the foundation for a great marriage. To reinvent means to completely redo. Everything my LGBT friends and family are asking for is the same thing we all want: A committed, loving partner and a companion for life.

Pridezillas was created for one simple reason: Because all love is worth fighting for.

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