Brides To Be: Lesbian Supernatural Thriller & Love Story – 50% off movie code

Seattle based filmmaker, First Sight Productions sent Pridezillas a special screening of their movie, Brides To Be. It’s a lesbian supernatural thriller and love story set in a haunted house. Our readers have been given a discount code to receive 50% off to own or rent the movie online.

Relatable, and beautifully shot, it will mesmerize you from start to finish and keep you on the edge of your seat while you try to figure out what is causing Jenna’s anxiety.

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On the eve of her wedding and struggling to write her vows, Jenna, an uncertain bride-to-be, Robin, her fiancée, and Nate, her best and only friend, travel to the secluded fairy tale venue Robin has pined after since she was a girl — about to re-open after years of vacancy. It doesn’t take long for Jenna to be terrorized by unexplained, deeply unsettling phenomena, but when Robin becomes a very real victim of the supernatural, Jenna must reject her doubt and have faith in love to overpower the forces against her. Can she save the woman of her dreams?

BRIDES TO BE is both a love story and a psychological thriller, a timeless romance and a haunted house. Skillfully mixing genres, it explores how doubt and fear can be imposed upon us and infect us from within, but only if we let it.