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Butch Chic Lesbian Wedding Suits – LGBT Wedding Attire | Morroni Custom Clothing

Morroni Custom Clothing is a bespoke tailor. This means they create custom suits, shirts, tuxedos, pantsuits – basically anything you can think of – for your lesbian or gay wedding. They have been in business for over 10 years.

Morroni Custom Clothing | Lesbian Wedding Suits & Attire
Morroni Custom Clothing | Lesbian Wedding Suits & Attire

Morroni has worked with many lesbians looking for a stylish suit that fits their body flawlessly for their wedding day. Their lesbian and gay clientele seek to stand out from the crowd and look impeccable while doing so. Check out just a few of their beautiful, happy lesbian clients styling and showing off their custom made suits here.

Same sex weddings are one of their specialties and they have made over three hundred LGBT couples happy on their wedding day. Whether it’s a full custom pantsuit paired with a cool vest and custom Oxford shoes for the big day or just everyday business attire, Morroni Custom Clothing has the service and expertise you need.

Not only do they offer beautiful, handmade suits, they also offer gorgeous leather shoes for gay men.

Serving Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, Daniel started Morroni Fino Toccare in 1993. He services not only the fashion elite, but many tv personalities, sports figures and high level executives. Morroni consistently delivers masterfully tailored business, casual, and formal wear with superior craftsmanship. They offer their clients an extensive selection of the finest fabrics from around the world. Daniel and his team will work with you in the privacy of your own home or office to make the fitting process convenient and relaxing.

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Tailor Made Lesbian Wedding Suit | Morroni Custom Clothing
Tailor Made Lesbian Wedding Suit | Morroni Custom Clothing


How did you get into the wedding attire business

I have always been in the wedding business ,however 10 years ago I saw a big need for helping same sex partners getting married .

What do you like about working and designing tuxedos, pant suits and wedding suits for lesbian clients?

When I am told how frustrating it has been for them and that they are so happy they found me.

How do you make same sex couples feel comfortable when coming in for a custom suit

First of all I only work one on one with a client, they can tell from the start that I am very passionate about what I do and how much I enjoy helping them.

What have you found to be most special or unique about lesbian and gay weddings that you have created suits and clothing for

I love when a client shows us a photo of what they want and we can replicate it and then all the smiles come.

What was the best memory you have from a same sex wedding and same sex couple you have worked with

Well I have had many great memories , but one that jumps out was a mother desperate to have a suit and shirts made for her transgender daughter . I received a phone call and she explained all the trouble they encountered and asked how would I feel about helping them. I said let’s get her on the calendar and get this started. It turned out great !!!

What’s your favorite wedding suit you have created to date – do you have photos

I honestly can say there is not one suit or piece that jumps out, what get’s me excited is when they try on and do their first fitting and I love hearing how happy they are.

How long have you been creating lesbian and butch chic wedding suits

I have been creating outfit’s for lesbians since 2007 , we get on average 2 to 5 calls a week from clients.

Greatest achievement

Greatest achievement is how many referrals we get now. I guess it’s a testament to how happy we make our lesbian clients.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given about

The best advice I have been given was to remember that each and every person that walks through my door looks to us for help and we take that very seriously.

Tell us something no one knows about you.

I was told by another competitor about a year ago how they hate getting calls from women because making suits for lesbians is such a hassle and they always have fitting issues . I looked at them and said I love getting those calls and they women that walk through my door are one thousand percent welcome


Designer Lesbian Wedding Suit | Morroni Custom Clothing
Designer Lesbian Wedding Suit | Morroni Custom Clothing


Designer Lesbian Wedding Suit | All White | Morroni Custom Clothing
Designer Lesbian Wedding Suit | All White | Morroni Custom Clothing



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