Choices for Flowers for Same-Sex Weddings

The flowers chosen for a same sex wedding should be a perfect representation of the joy of the occasion. Since the late 1970’s, the rainbow has become a symbol for LGBT pride. The lovely colors of the rainbow signify the community’s diversity, and the bright colors represent energy, joy and pride. This makes one of the most perfect choices rainbow roses. These roses are not only beautiful, they have become incredibly popular. A rainbow rose is dyed with multiple colors including purple, pink, blue and yellow. The result is a magical rainbow guaranteed to bring a little extra sparkle and pleasure to the day. For a spectacular and fresh selection of exquisite rainbow roses.

Another important choice for the wedding is the boutonnieres. This is traditionally worn on the suits left lapel. For a sensational white tie appearance, the flowers should be white. Some of the best choices include a lily, gardenia. rose or carnation. This is an excellent look for not only the grooms, but the male participants in the wedding party. When the grooms are men, matching boutonnieres are a nice touch. Some couples enjoy the elaborate, and it is easy to make the grooms stand out from the wedding party. Simply add a little floral cluster, or a sprig of baby’s breath to the boutonnieres.

The bouquet is just as important as the boutonnieres. Rainbow roses are an excellent choice when the women want a splash of extraordinary color. For something more traditional, every shade of rose has a specific meaning. Red stands for true love and white for purity. The bouquet should represent the taste and style of the brides. The bouquet can be a mixture of flowers such as white roses, baby’s breath and white carnations, or flowers that make a statement like lily’s or tulips.

Flowers are incredible when used for the décor and the reception. A centerpiece can be tall and grand, small and sweet, or country rustic. The flowers can be placed in simple baskets, or ornate vases. When the budget is of concern, a single rainbow rose in a bud vase is a stunning table display. The arrangements can all match, or be deliberately different. One table can have a tall centerpiece of mixed wildflowers, and the next a low basket filled with roses of all different colors. The flowers should match the theme of the wedding for the greatest effect. Daisies are an amazing accent for a country wedding, and red roses add flair for a dramatic wedding in the evening. There are no wrong flowers to choose for a wedding if they reflect the taste of the couple. The best advice is to choose what most appeals and enjoy.

Rainbow Roses Flowers for LGBT Weddings
Rainbow Roses Flowers for LGBT Weddings