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Choosing a Lesbian and Gay Wedding Ring You Can Be Proud Of

Once the Supreme Court handed down their landmark decision in the summer of 2015, the LGBT community rejoiced – and then quickly made for the aisle. In terms of equality, the decision was truly a game changer. Finally, couples who had been together for decades could legalize their union. Young couples could now plan their weddings with the same sense of joy and excitement as any other couple.

Same sex, gay and queer weddings have since taken center stage. While all of us are celebrating these unions for their inspiring love stories, the truth is that they represent something bigger than the love shared between two people.

They represent a struggle that has long roots in history. LGBT couples have been working for marriage equality for generations and finally – FINALLY – they can walk down the aisle.

For couples who want to pay homage and respect to the LGBT advocates and pioneers who worked so tirelessly and sacrificed so much, wedding rings become symbolic on a whole new level. These couples want something that embodies everything a wedding band should be – timeless, beautiful and high-quality – while also showing their pride.

Equalli Rainbow and Black Diamond Ring | LGBT Wedding Rings | Lesbian and Gay Wedding Bands |
Equalli Black Center Stone Ring with Rainbow Diamond Band | | Pridezillas LGBT Top LGBT Wedding Rings

Among the dazzling designs available from Equalli, two lines in particular deliver options for couples who want something unique, beautiful and historic. The Pride and Equalli Pink collections both prove that couples can make a statement about pride without sacrificing beauty.

The Pride Collection uses the most common and well-recognized symbol of LGBT Pride in its design – the Rainbow Flag. With sapphires in every color, these rings are bold statement pieces. While each pieces shares a common element with the Rainbow Flag arrangement of stunning sapphires, that doesn’t mean these rings are run of the mill.

Equalli Round Center Stone Ring with Rainbow Diamond Band | | Pridezillas LGBT Top LGBT Wedding Rings
Equalli Round Center Stone Ring with Rainbow Diamond Band | | Pridezillas LGBT Top LGBT Wedding Rings

The Las Vegas Black rings, for example, use a central Black Spinel or Natural Black Diamond to make the colors pop. Meanwhile, the New York ring is set as an eternity band, a popular choice for couples who feel their shared love is something that has always been and always will be. Color options on central stones on some rings and even the type of metal can add depth to the rainbow sapphires, making them the highlight of the ring, or an element that provides support to the central stone.

While the Rainbow Flag is iconic, it isn’t for everyone. Some LGBT couples want to show their pride by honoring the sacrifices made by those who went before. Our Equalli Pink collection is the perfect option since it uses a stunning pink tourmaline gemstone in a triangle cut. The final product is a line of amazing rings that uses the sobering symbol of the pink triangle to honor what LGBT people have endured over the years. At the same time, the tourmaline gemstone is one that offers a unique kind of beauty since its coloring and depth differ in each and every stone.

Equalli Red Triangle Ring| LGBT Wedding Rings | Lesbian and Gay Wedding Bands |
Equalli Rainbow and Red Triangle Wedding Ring | LGBT Wedding Rings | Lesbian and Gay Wedding Bands |

Every couple that walks down the aisle has something amazing to celebrate, but LGBT couples share a special kind of joy. There’s the joy of marrying your true love that all couples embrace and, for LGBT couples, there’s also the joy of being able to live their truth out of the closet, away from the shadows and surrounded by the light and support of friends and family. For these couples a dazzling LGBT wedding ring reflects their love, their story and the continuing fight for equality.


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