June 26, 2015 is the day when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage. Since then, same sex couples across the country have been able to legally exchange their vows in every state in the country. 


Since then, city hall weddings have been growing in popularity amongst same sex couples. There are tons of benefits to hosting your wedding at city hall. For one, you can ditch most of the traditional wedding plans and say your I Do’s quickly, efficiently, and without stress. You’ll also get to exchange your vows in a more intimate setting, for a much lower price point (save the extra cash for your honeymoon, or even a downpayment!)


Whether you choose to head to your local city hall, or turn it into an exciting getaway by exchanging vows in the city of your choosing, we’ve got you covered with these city hall ceremony planning tips!  


Find your city hall: The first step to planning your perfect city hall wedding is to find the right location for you! Just because you’re getting married at city hall doesn’t mean you have to stay in your hometown. Consider taking your city hall wedding on the road. Consider the aesthetic of the city hall you choose–some are more elevated and elegant than others. Decide what type of vibe you’d like featured in your wedding photographs, and then go from there. 


Do your research: Once you’ve found your city hall, check-in on the requirements to make sure you’ll be able to exchange I Do’s there. Many city halls require I.D.’s, birth certificates, and proof of citizenship. You’ll also want to see about reserving a time for your ceremony. Some city hall’s let you get your marriage license on the same day you tie the knot, but others want you to get your marriage license first (a process that can take up to two weeks). 


Send out elopement announcements: If you are keeping your city hall celebration small, consider sending out elopement announcements to let family and friends know that you’ve exchanged vows! This is a great keepsake for your loved ones. 


Choose your getaway: Every type of wedding ceremony is worthy of a grand exit. Consider renting a stylish vehicle and hanging flowers, cans, balloons, or a wedding sign to the back to let others know you’ve just tied the knot. 


Keep mementos: You’ll be reminiscing on this day for years to come, so make sure to keep mementos. Booking a wedding photographer is the best way to capture memories throughout your day. If your city hall has a ticketed line, keep your ticket voucher as a keepsake and if you’ve invited guests, set up a guest book to have them sign well wishes.