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Our lovely Chicago wedding officiant vendor, The Rev For Whatev sent us this beautiful lesbian wedding between Colleen and Nicole that she officiated on March 13, 2015.

Colleen and Nicole (Colleen, white dress with ruffles, and Nicole, cream sequined strapless dress) celebrated the beginning of their marriage on March 13th, 2015 in Utica, IL, at Starved Rock Lodge.

Of course, the union between the two of them is special, and the party was awesome, but what really made their celebration a stand-out was the importance and incorporation of their family throughout the day. Children’s laughter was a constant background music, with about a dozen of the couple’s small nieces and nephews playing, running, and dancing together, rumpling their fancy clothes and giving their parents a workout while trying to keep up.

Colleen and Nicole’s parents walked them each down the aisle, and their bridal party was simply their siblings and Colleen’s 4 teenaged children.

During the ceremony, officiated by Rev. Anne Styx of The Rev For Whatev, two moments that left no eye dry were first, when after the couple said their marriage vows, Nicole said vows to Colleen’s kids, promising to do all she could for them and be there for not only their mother but also for them.

Then, after Colleen and Nicole exchanged rings during the ceremony, they also gave each of Colleen’s children a gift of a Celtic pendant, symbolizing that this day was not only about the love shared between a couple, it was also about the love shared between a whole family.

Congratulations to Colleen and Nicole and their beautiful family!

Photos provided by the couple and photographed by Matthew and Angel Van Howe.

Sincerely, Rev. Anne Styx






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