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Conquering Your LGBT Destination Wedding: 4 Essential Hacks

Destination weddings are incredibly exciting. You pack up your bags, head to an exciting, new location, and declare your love for your honey-to-be. But before all of the parties comes all of the planning and that can be a huge stressor for newly engaged couples. So let’s dive into some hacks that will ease the pain of your lengthy to-do list and have you saying “I do” at your dream destination.

Issue: “I have no idea where I want to get married, just not here.”

There are tons of different reasons why couples want to hop on a plane when heading to their big day. Whether it be beautiful scenery for some jaw-dropping wedding pics, the excuse of having to keep the guest list small because of the travel fees, or the attraction of unique LGBTQ ceremony spots, destination weddings are a no-brainer for many. Reasoning aside, it can still be hard to pick the perfect venue.

Hack: Think outside the “top 10” list.

There are an endless amount of “the top ten places to have your destination wedding” lists, but you might want something unique that hasn’t been done 101 times. Look at hotels, mansions, barns, parks and find venues with LGBT destination wedding packages to work with vendors that will bring an extra celebratory touch to your big day.

Conquering Your LGBT Destination Wedding four Essential Hacks
Conquering Your LGBT Destination Wedding four Essential Hacks

Issue: I really want to get married here, but how in the world will I pay for it?

Traveling in general can get pricey, not to mention when you’re dragging a wedding party and guests with you. Many couples deter from the idea of a destination solely because cost, but don’t let that hinder your special day. Keep your happiness and what’s right for you and your S.O. a top priority.

Hack: Find deals, deals and more deals!

A beautiful thing about the web is that it’s full of coupon codes, discount sites and budget-saving tips that can make your life a lot easier. Look for sites that will package up the best prices for you and that allow you to compare things such as hotels, flights and more as you nail down the deets of where you’re going and how you’ll get there. is a perfect example, giving package deals for traveling to Vegas and general Vegas deals for shows, attractions and other must-sees. After all, it is the wedding capital of the world, so why not explore all that it has to offer?

Conquering Your LGBT Destination Wedding Essential problem solvers

Issue: I don’t know the location that well, how do I find vendors?

You’re likely not as acquainted with your destination as you are with your hometown, so it’s important to find the right vendors that will communicate quickly and frequently with you, since you can’t just meet then for a quick cup of coffee to discuss plans. It takes a special type of research to find vendors that will be the perfect fit for you and your vision, without always being able to meet them in person.

Hack: Use vendor search tools.

Pridezillas has an vendor search tool that allows you to search by region. Decide on your destination, pop it into the search bar and see what same-sex wedding vendors are in your area of choice. Make a list of a few that capture your attention and then dig into some reviews of them to see what others think of the value, level of communication, flexibility and overall experience.

Pridezillas lgbt friendly wedding vendor search bar

Issue: I don’t want my guests to be bored.

Chances are, your guests are going to be in a place that they’re not used to either. If your venue and reception are at different locations, or even if they aren’t, it can be hard for your people to find things to do while they wait for you to take pictures, arrive early before the ceremony, or aren’t on a flight back home until the day after your wedding.

Hack: Give them an area cheat sheet!

Pinterest is literally packed with cute ideas for wedding details. Browse ideas for wedding maps, wedding welcome bags and other fun goodies for your guests that give them the an idea of where everything is and what there is to do. After all, they’re going to appreciate the reason to get away too! For same-sex couples, check out sites that have an LGBTQ travel guide that will hype up the celebration of your love with gay bars, shows and so much more.

Conquering Your LGBT Destination Wedding

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Overall, it’s your day and your time to focus on what makes you happy, so go easy on yourself. Rely on tips, tricks and advice that will ease the stress and allow you to focus on what really matters – saying “I do” to the one that you love.





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