Consolidation – What Does it Mean to Get Married?

Marriage is a beautiful thing; you and your partner get to form a sacred union that means you’re dedicated to each other for the rest of your lives. However, it can also be confusing and intimidating, as not everyone knows what it really means to get married. Sure, there’s the wedding, the vows, the rings, all of the fancy clothes, and the many other things that people immediately think about when they think of marriage, but once the celebrations are over, then what?


Contemplating such a question might be enough to make you question getting married entirely, but we’re not here to give you cold feet. At its core, marriage is an indescribable connection between two people and their dedication to one another. While it may not mean the same thing for every couple, there are essential aspects of marriage that make it all worth it, and they’re important to remember as you move through life with the person you’ve decided to spend the rest of your days with.


You Get to Spend All of Your Time With the Person You Love

When you get married, you’re committing yourself to another person, and that person is likewise committing themselves to you. While that does sound very romantic, it is also rather literal, as you’ll more than likely be living and spending most of your free time with your partner.


Spending time together as spouses can be an incredibly enriching experience, whether you’re going out on dates on the weekends or just staying in and watching movies at home. Even if you’ve been with your partner for many years before you actually got married, the connection you now share opens up worthwhile opportunities to connect on a greater level and establish the basis on which your relationship will thrive for years to come.

You Have a Constant Support System

While it can feel wonderful to have someone who’s there to share in life’s most exciting moments, marriage also ensures you have someone to support you in life’s most difficult moments as well. Whether you’re going through personal financial trouble or something deeply upsetting has happened, you have your spouse to rely on for sympathy and comfort. So long as your spouse is as supportive as you need them to be, you’ll never have to feel alone in any unsavory feelings ever again.

Above All Else, You’re Part of a Team

The conversation on what it means to get married could go on for hours and hours, but there’s one thing above all else that encapsulates the most important thing to remember about marriage: you’re part of a team now. This means that both you and your spouse will work together every day to meet each other’s needs, whether that means alternating who makes dinner every night or going the extra mile to show affection through surprise gifts and encouragement.


No matter what it means to be an effective team for you and your spouse, the most important thing to maintain is a consistent line of communication. If one side of the team is working harder than the other, make that clear and take steps to resolve the inequity so that a balance can be found once again. Whether married or not, a lopsided relationship will eventually capsize like a ship taking on water.


Marriage is both enriching and daunting, but so long as you and your spouse work together and become two halves of one whole, you can both lead a happy and fulfilling life together. Just remember the love that you have and the connection you’ve built up until this point, and if you stick to what has made you happy with your partner for this long, then you should be able to enjoy a remarkable marriage for the rest of your days.


About the Author

Roni Davis is a writer, blogger, and legal assistant operating out of the greater Philadelphia area. She frequently works with Schwartz, Fox & Saltzman, a busy team of divorce lawyers in Philadelphia.