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Wedding season on its way, so it’s hard not to get caught up in a flurry of daydreaming and endless Pinterest boards. With three weddings already on my calendar, I have been completely lost in lala wedding-land, imagining the gorgeous styles I will be witnessing at the altar (or, in one case, under a tree on a ranch in California).

However if you have an actual wedding of your own to plan for, you may be lost less in lala-land and closer to something resembling panic-land. I am not always one to subscribe to mainstream style trends, but this year’s trending wedding styles are simply too fabulous to ignore. Fun, fashionable and full of personality, this year it’s all about the B’s: Blue, Bowties, Boutonnieres, and, best of all, Be Yourself!

Blue (dusty blue to be exact) is the perfect complement to a Spring/Summer wedding. According to color therapists, light blue shades are said to promote a sense of calm and to facilitate clear communication. What better way to ensure that your vows are delivered with ultimate perfection.


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I could not be more smitten with the fact that bowties are back. Classy and full of personality, bowties make the perfect dapper accessory. My advice: skip the department store and turn to the many handmade bowties springing up by small business / local designers (see below for a few of my personal faves).


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Boutonniere’s have come a long way since the fresh flower. It seems nothing is off limits in the world of lapel adornments. Best of all, fresh flower-less boutonniere’s can remain a precious keepsake for years to come.

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The very best thing about this year’s wedding trends is how compatible they are! No need to pick one over the other. Check out these dapper combos for some inspired looks.

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About the author: Sarah Herklots is an author at, the leading style and empowerment website for masculine presenting women, gender queers, and trans-identified individuals. She spends far too much time making Polyvore collages, contemplating glitter and celebrating everything. Profile image courtesy Jack Tar 207.


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