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The Background:

The new law legalizing civil unions took effect in the state of Colorado on May 1, 2013, and both Denver and Boulder began issuing licenses immediately.The doors opened at 10pm on April 30 with the first Civil Union licenses being issued at midnight on May 1st the day the bill went into effect. There were 114 couples that were issued licenses in Denver on May 1, with the majority of them choosing to have a ceremony on site. These photos were taken at the Webb Building, in downtown Denver.

Some of these couples featured in these photos were together 27 years, some one year, a few had children and many brought their family and friends with them to celebrate. The best part of seeing these photos is that you can see family members standing proudly at their children’s sides as they made lifelong commitments to their partners. Far too often, in the LGBT community, there are many couples without family support and to see the joy and love in the eyes of these parents and siblings is a beautiful sight.

Green Blossom Photography:

The excitement and emotion from the day is captured in these photos taken by Green Blossom Photography, managed and owned by Jennie and Heather who were married in DC in 2010. For them this day hit close to home, as when they relocated to Colorado, their own marriage was not recognized by the state. They were honored when they were personally invited to shoot this historic event.

The final ceremony finished around 5am and only Green Blossom Photography and one other photographer and two officiants stayed until the very end. Even though exhausted, their feet pounding, they felt it was their duty to stay until the end. One of the officiants helped them push on by saying, “If they can wait 27 years, I can wait another hour!”

As a married couple, Green Blossom understood the importance of the day and that every single couple there that historic day deserved to have witness of their special day and to capture their love on film. We hope you love these photos as much as we do!

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