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Dearly Beloved,

This is the first posting so let me introduce myself. My name is Kelly and I feel I can give you advice and some entertaining stories since I was a gay, pregnant bride, and I got married twice-before it was legal and 2 hours after it became legal in my state of Minnesota.

Each week I will share some tips whether they are philosophical ones, wedding planning ones, LGBTQ ones, wedding craft ideas, or plain old random ones, with some artwork, cartoons, or personal photos from all my wedding albums…even my mother’s…all four of her weddings LOL. Oh, and just so you know, I never claim to be good at grammar and suck at comma placement, so if you see a lot of them, it’s just me and my strange ideas where commas should go. If you want a proper bio you can read it at I pronounce you informed, you may now read the Blog:

Random Wedding thought of the week:
Why are weddings white?
To an artist, they are a blank canvas to paint your life upon.

Dream of the week:
I dreamed I was shopping for a silver wedding dress and the sales lady helping me said if it wasn’t the color white people would think I wasn’t a virgin. Then I found out she was a prostitute.

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:
“Planning a wedding shows you a lot about yourself. You may focus on aspects you hadn’t thought were important to you before. You may find yourself holding on to some ridiculous tradition when you don’t even like it.”

Questions to Consider:
What ridiculous or non-ridiculous traditions do you hold on to and WHY?
What color dress will you wear if you don’t wear white?
My partner wore blue, then black and white at the reception, then black at the legal ceremony. I was white, white, white. The last two were the same, white with a little sparkle, but I’ll save that big dress visual for another post.

Did you know?
The person marrying you may say, “By the power vested in me…” I thought it was “invested,” and so did my witness. Did anyone else think that?

Good Advice:
Someone told me that only YOU will remember everything from YOUR day, so don’t do anything to please anyone else, do the things that will make YOU happy.

Pride, Peace, and Pieces of Wedding Cake,
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About the Author:

Kelly Frankenberg is an artist, writer, teacher, and activist. She has illustrated several published children’s books and her first book, a memoir titled, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride,” comes out June 2015. Kelly also writes song lyrics, poems, comic books, screenplays, and fiction. Her artwork has appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Fox National News, Kare 11, Public Television, in short films, newspapers, on windows, walls, and mailboxes. You can view her other books, blogs, and artwork at and


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