Dos & Don’ts: Beach Gay Wedding

Alison To The Altar | LGBT Wedding Officiant | Ocean City Maryland
Alison To The Altar | LGBT Wedding Officiant | Ocean City Maryland


They say that the day you tie the knot should be the most wonderful day of your life. For that reason, there is no room for stress, although a certain amount of stress when planning such an event is almost inevitable. Still, there are ways in which the stress can be defused and minimized, and the secret recipe revolves around timely planning. That is why we have created a list of dos and don’ts for you to follow before you say your actual I dos.

Time is ticking

The first thing to bear in mind in order to avoid making wedding mistakes is timely planning, and you should most definitely start with the location and the venue. Beach weddings can be a bit tricky, as most beaches are public and that might result in unwanted guests. If you wish to make sure the event remains private, opt for a resort that has an enclosed beach. Also, with outdoor weddings, weather can be an issue, so make sure you check your weather app, and just to be on the safe side, choose a venue that has the option of moving the party inside. In addition, if you are considering a destination wedding, make sure gay marriage is legal in that particular country before you commit to the location, and Buzzfeed has got you covered with the most interesting and gorgeous wedding destinations, along with legal info. So, if a getaway wedding is an idea you have been toying with, these suggestions are a great place to start. Last but not least, get your marriage license in time – that is, after all, the most important detail.

Say yes to a proper attire


Whether we are talking about two grooms or two brides, dressing too formally for a beach wedding is a bit over the top. These kinds of events are by definition a bit more laid back, so do not go for something too formal. Instead, go for breezy and boho outfits made with natural and breathable fabric. On that note, it might be a good idea to outline the dress code in your wedding invitation, that way you avoid the risk of having your guests dolled up like they are going to a royal wedding.

Daytime vs nighttime?

If you and your partner have your hearts set on an open, beach wedding, the biggest mistake would be to have the ceremony in the evening. Daytime is perfect since at night, the ambiance, particularly, the sea, becomes almost invisible. Also, there are wedding pictures to consider, and it is a proven fact that the best photos are taken outside and during the day. If it happens to be a sunny day, all the better, just remember to put on a sun block and recommend your guests to do the same.

Food, glorious food!


To be in sync with the relaxed theme of a beach wedding, again, do not go for formal dining. The perfect option for this wedding scenario is a unique finger food catering – it is relaxed, no complicated utensils and overpriced china are needed. Besides, if you provide a buffet, it gives your guests more time to mingle and dance, and then grab a small bite when they feel like it. Make sure your menu includes foods that reflect your and your partner’s taste, put a personal stamp on it.

The cherry on the cake

Last, but not least – the decorations. As the beach provides a unique and extraordinary backdrop, there is not much else you need to do. Think in terms of going for a retro themed wedding – white chairs, simple flowers like baby’s breath hanging on shepherd hooks along the aisle, wooden plaques with your names (perhaps a wedding hashtag) on them, and a retro ‘60s van with cans hanging in the back to whisk the two of you away when the evening is done. Some twinkly lights and you are all set. And for more or less extravagant inspiration, Pinterest is always here for you with countless beach wedding ideas. Enjoy your big day!

Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at The Authentic Gay and My Wedding Mag from NZ. By sharing unique perspective on what you might call a perfect gay wedding, his future plans are in finding the one with whom he is gonna organize one. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.