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Fantastic Gay Wedding Ideas that Will Make Your Special Day Unforgettable


Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue. The wonderful thing about gay weddings is you can have these traditional elements or none at all. You and your partner aren’t bound by custom and are truly able to make your special day unforgettable, in a way that is uniquely yours.


The first thing you’ll have to decide is which wedding traditions you want to keep and which you want to do away with. If you choose something traditional, how do you adapt it in a way that is representative of your history and love for each other? If you walk your path toward the altar, you are holding a blank slate. How do you fill it with joy and memories that will last forever?


No need to be intimidated. We won’t leave you on your own. Here are a few ideas we think you can incorporate as you say, “I do”.



1) Wear the colors of the rainbow


Traditionally, the groom is in black and the bride is in white. But at a wedding where there will be two grooms or two brides, or perhaps even the terms “groom” and “bride” might be done away with, any color is up for grabs.


Many same-sex couples are choosing to incorporate the rainbow flag in their nuptials. The flag is symbolic of inclusivity and the struggle to have their love recognized legally. You can get some ideas on how to use the flag from Yeah Weddings, or make a choice of which rainbow hues you will match to suit your wedding party’s skin tones. You can use it for any purpose, from your invites to party favors for guests. What better way to celebrate your union than to have it prominently displayed?


2) Pick a side…any side


At weddings, there’s usually a groom’s side and a bride’s side This stems from a tradition from the Middle Ages of the groom’s family and retainers being seated on the right to keep their sword arm free, should they need to defend the bride.


We are not in the Middle Ages and unless you want to adhere to the tradition, there’s no reason to have family and friends seated according to whether they’re connected to the bride or groom.


There’s not even a need for sides. You can choose to have your guests seated in a circle, or standing with you and the officiant to hear your vows. Or watching a live stream of your wedding because you eloped. It’s really up to you.


3) With this ring, I thee wed …?


Engagement and wedding rings are such a strong tradition that many people feel they are a legal requirement to be married. But they’re not. Which leaves you and your partner with an opportunity to include something that is personally emblematic of you and your partner.


It could be matching tattoos, a specially commissioned monogram featuring both of your initials, or a mini replica of a teddy bear one of you loved as a child. Only you and your partner get to choose the token of exchange that symbolizes your union.


4) To top it all off


Some say that the first wedding cake topper was a gift from a baker to his daughter marking the occasion of marriage to a man that she loved very much. What better way to have your love tower over your celebration than on top of your cake?


You can have your wedding toppers customized to be anything you want. They could be miniature replicas of you and your partner. They don’t even have to be people. How about something both of you love, like your favorite pet or activity you share?


5) Get me to the church on time?


Nothing says a wedding quite like a ceremony at a religious venue such as a church, synagogue, or mosque. For same-sex couples, this option may not always be open to them, depending on the laws of their country. Even where it is available, officiants (priests, rabbis, etc) may not wish to conduct the ceremony.


If you and your partner want a religious venue, try to find one that is accepting of everyone. And no one says you are limited to only those venues. You can have a beach wedding. You could have it at a community hall and combine both your ceremony and reception. You could have a small backyard wedding.


Ultimately, your wedding is meant to be remembered by you and your partner for the rest of your lives. Even though you feel the pull of tradition and pressure from loved ones, it’s your special day and only you two, get to decide what that looks like.


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