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Dearly Beloved,

This story was posted on City Pages recently about a couple who have a business filming weddings in Minnesota. They are suing the state to get rid of the law that says they can’t refuse a client based on religion, sexuality, etc. They don’t want to film same-sex weddings because it’s against their Christian beliefs.

I want to say that Minnesota has been fighting for equal rights every day and I’m proud to live here and would hate the law to change for other businesses to discriminate. Someone said if you are a business open to the public you have to serve the entire public. Of course us gay people don’t want someone filming our wedding who isn’t putting in the same amount of effort and care, so we probably won’t choose to work with your company anyway. Maybe they should require businesses to say if they are homophobic or not, then we know how to choose wisely!

You can read the story here. Funny thing is they used our wedding photo for the article.

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

“No tears appeared, just love. And that’s exactly what it was all about. Just love. And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Did you know?

All the vendors on are gay friendly.

Questions to Consider:

How do you tell if a business is homophobic? What do you do about it? What are other options if you live in a small town?

Good Advice:

If a business is hesitant to do business with you and tells you they are booked or seems to be uncomfortable with you, thank them for their time and tell them you’ll get back to them. In this day and age, unfortunately we have to come out sometimes to be safe. Before I hire a nanny or a vendor I just right out tell them, “You must be comfortable working with a lesbian couple.” If they don’t respond then I know. Some businesses or freelancers are willing to drive an extra distance for a job, so if you don’t have many choices, reach out to your community and you just might find a great videographer closer to you than you think. And again, ALL vendors on are gay friendly.

Pride, Particular People, and Penalties,


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