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5 Must-Have Accessories for Stylish Grooms

Five Must-Have Accessories for Stylish Gay Grooms Grooms

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You know what? They may say whatever they like about traditional, classic weddings but seeing the man you love stand all tall and proud in his three-piece in front of you is just sublime (especially when both of you look jaw-dropping, so the effect of fabulousness is even more grand).

While we do love the idea of a theme wedding and all other variations of it, we still choose classic style above all else. It’s dignified, it’s transcendent and it’s evergreen. And once you add a few interesting, unique details, it will create an unforgettable event style-wise (for both the grooms and the guests).

For all of you in-loves who are planning to make a vow of eternal love, commitment and friendship with your (future) spouse, we believe there are five accessories you simply cannot let not make a part of your wedding garments. Interested? Read on.

#Neckwear that inspires

Necktie or bow tie – as long as it’s there. Choose satin, silk, knit or wool to wow everyone and go for a color/pattern that is sure to draw looks – that is, if you’ve always been the one the cause a stir with your clothing choices. If, however, you’d rather go for a sleeker option, go for a black, mouse gray, dark gray or any other solid dark color. If you are pulling a one-color outfit (all white everything, all black everything), make sure your neckpiece matches the rest of the outfit for effect.

#Cufflinks with a meaning

Five Must-Have Accessories for Stylish Gay Grooms LGBT Blog Pridezillas

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Although a very tiny accessory, cufflinks and button studs can be a real wow piece. These days, you’ll find a plethora of cufflinks that can be either personalized by order or bought pre-designed and distributed. To make your wedding day even more special, buy your spouse a personalized cufflink that will blow his mind. Is he a filmophile? Buy him video camera cufflinks! Is he an animal rights activist? Treat him to a set of animal-shaped cufflinks (his favorite animal would be perfect!). If you don’t want to go with this too-adorable-to-handle idea, opt for refined simplicity – stunning gold or silver squares or circles always work. It would be great if both of you had matching cufflinks for an added ray of romance!

#Watches that speak glamour

A watch is a watch is a watch… well, no it’s not! A good, high-quality watch has always been one of the staple symbols of masculinity, and we love the idea of an eye-catching wrist piece on both grooms’ wrists! Don’t think that the fact you are saying your “I dos” makes it inappropriate to sport any other accessories than the basic ones; if anything, you should wear your favorite decorative items on your special day for an added feeling of comfort. If you don’t already own a watch, treat yourself (or your future spouse) to a beautiful watch that will look perfect on him. Skip all the store-hopping (who’s got the time with the wedding and everything, anyway!) and browse to find the best male selection of watches online. Surprise yourself and your better half to an extraordinary design they’ll adore wearing.

#Pocket squares for elegance

Five Must-Have Accessories for Stylish Gay Grooms LGBT Blog

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Apart from an interesting tie, the easiest way for a groom to make his outfit more intriguing is by spicing it up with an interesting pocket square accessory. Go all-out quirky with a surprising print, color, graphic or choose a simple light or dark option; the only rule this time around is for the pocket square to be properly folded.

#Shoes to walk your future

Black lace-ups or classic browns, take your pick. That’s all you need. Oh, that or chic patent-and-calf-leather oxfords.

Apart from the essentials we’ve listed, don’t forget that every outfit should be about carefully picked out and placed details: add stylish suspenders, leather belts, elegant tie clips, necklaces and more. Add one, two or all of them… and enjoy.

Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at The Authentic Gay and My Wedding Mag from NZ. By sharing unique perspective on what you might call a perfect gay wedding, his future plans are in finding the one with whom he is gonna organize one. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.






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