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Honeymoon, Babymoon, Party ‘til noon. Part 1 of 2.

What’s more fun than the wedding and planning it? Of course it’s the honeymoon. Whether it’s a stay at home honeymoon, get away from the kids moon, a traditional honeymoon, let’s plan it! And most destinations you can also get married there. Many couples might save money for a house payment. And that’s fine too, unless you are the travel and vacation enthusiast like me. And this may be the only one nice trip you take before you’re stuck with stressful job hours and kids or dogs or those cats the cat loving lesbians tend to collect… (I’m one of them so I can make fun of them). So where can you go that won’t take your pocket book away from the nice wedding you’re planning? I have so much info I spread it out for 2 blog posts. In this one I will discuss International honeymoon locations and the second one will discuss closer to home destinations.

Asia: Is cheap once you get there. You can have 5 star luxury for 3 star money or less. A 5 star hotel in Vietnam is only $200 a night with an hour massage for $10. But the flight may be expensive and long and with jetlag you’ll have to take more travel time. If money’s not an option, you must go to the Maldives. There are only 4 or 5 airlines that fly in there so you’ll have to get there via Sri Lanka, Dubai, Qatar, or Malaysia.

Europe: You can find some cheap last minute deals online that include airfare. There are exotic places you can find in Europe and many places speak English. Try Iceland in the summer for a different experience. Icelandair also has the cheapest business class tickets, so impress your spouse with that!

South America: Same time zone as America and a lot warmer. The people are very friendly. I’ve heard Peru will take your breath away.

Africa: Morocco can be old film romantic. Egypt can be historically adventurous. A safari is always exciting. And Capetown is a friendly tourist city. But it’s still third world so be prepared for a lot of prep work and research.

Australia: There’s plenty to do whether it’s snorkeling or an outback adventure. Just make sure you have plenty of time to get there, adjust to the opposite side of the planet, and enough time to spend there since it’s quite a long way.

Random Wedding thought of the week:

How many couples never had a honeymoon?

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Later that evening in Salt Lake City I sat down in the office to work on the book I was illustrating for a client, “99 Ways to Use a Wedding Gown (After the Honeymoon-or the Marriage-is Over).” Mom was in there organizing papers at her desk. She had just vacuumed the house, even though it sat vacant for a year without use and was still clean.

“Tom says he thinks you’re dating women because you want to have sex and it’s wrong to have sex before marriage with a guy,” Mom said, unexpectedly. I saw Tom walk by. His small but noticeable beer belly reminded me he wasn’t as skinny as he looked from behind.

“Okay, ah, well that’s not it,” I said, embarrassed Tom had an opinion on my sex life.

Questions to Consider:

What should we pack? How long should we go? Pack your sexy undergarments 😉 Don’t make it too short for a far destination. You want more days relaxing than traveling.

Did you know?

The word honeymoon is from the 5th century when people drank honey wine on their first moon after marriage.

Good Advice:

Research research. Read reviews. Compare pricing. And consider your spouse and the type of destinations they might enjoy.


Pride, Packing, and Peregrination,


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