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As spring finally approaches, flowers will be coming up but so will allergies. I happened to be in a waiting room and overhear that a woman was getting married. Of course I asked her if she was doing anything unique. She told me her fiancé is allergic to every kind of flower so they are making all paper flowers for their wedding. Imagine what a paper flower wedding might look like. Colorful, sharper shapes, endless possibilities. Affordable, yet more labor. And less sneezing. Flowers can also be made out of duct tape. Don’t think silver, think pink! The first book I illustrated was called, “101 Female Uses for Pink Duct Tape.” There are endless possibilities. For my reception I not only folded a couple hundred paper cranes, I also made a dozen lotus flowers to add decoration to the tables and place the table number on a stand up wire in the center of the lotus. The lotus represented the Asian culture of my fiancé. I used a variety of colors for the flowers and green for the leaves. I learned to make them from a youtube video. Very simple. Check it out here:

Random Wedding thought of the week:

What else have people substituted in a wedding for something made out of paper?

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Growing up, the one cake-decorating technique my mother used that I could never quite master was flower-making. It not only took a certain tip to create the curved petals, but you had to hold the bag of frosting at an angle and squeeze the right amount. You also had to make sure to let go smoothly while turning the metal base the flower sits on.

Before putting it in the fridge to harden, you add my favorite part which were the leaves. The leaves were the most fun because of the special tip. The tip had a dip in the center to create the middle vein of the leaf. If you lifted it up and down once or twice while applying the frosting, it put a curl in the leaf to make it look more real. You also had to pull gently at the end when you stopped squeezing the frosting bag to make sure the leaf was left with a nice, thin, natural point.

I would watch as my mother would hold the metal base with waxed paper on it and create so seamlessly a light purple flower bud with perfect petals and mint-colored leaves to embrace it.

Questions to Consider:

Accommodating your fiancé at your wedding is one of the most important things. What can you do to ensure they will be comfortable? Maybe let them wear the comfier shoes they wanted to which you originally said no way. Maybe don’t invite your ex they don’t like even though you are still friends. Can you make more decisions together or compromise?

Did you know?

In Hindu tradition, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck!

Good Advice:

No matter what substitutions you find yourself having to make, make sure you allow enough time to make the most important ones. Make sure you are accommodating yourself and your fiancé, since it’s both your day and theirs, nobody else’s. There are also very beautiful fake flowers that will last forever. Florists can even arrange them for you. Just remember to dust them before using them again.

Pride, Paper petals, and Pink duct tape,


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