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Dearly Beloved,

What’s hotter than the summer Texas heat? A lesbian wedding in Texas, of course! My friends, Heather and Kim, tied the knot this May. During their ceremony the officiant read an Apache Indian wedding blessing. Some believe that Apache Indians had same-sex marriage ceremonies. And why not, right? We can’t help whom the heart loves.

Featured gay brides: Heather and Kim. Photo by Carol Johnson Legge

Heather shared some good advice. She says to “indulge in the little extravagances to make your day memorable for everyone.”

Random Wedding thought of the week:

When did the “just married” written on the car windows and cans tied to the back of the car trend end? I don’t see it anymore, only in movies. It should come back.

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

My friend, Holly, came just in time to do Donna’s and my hair and makeup before the ceremony. Growing up in the same neighborhood, we lived at the end of the cul-de-sac and Holly’s family lived on the end of the street. We started Kindergarten together and she slept over at my house many times and knew my parents well. I sent her parents a “Save the Date” card with a photo of Donna and I for the reception in June. Holly told me one of her dad’s friends had come over and saw the photo of Donna and I on their fridge. He was Muslim like Holly’s family and most Muslims don’t condone that lifestyle. He made a comment about it and Holly’s dad said strongly, “You can see those two people are in love. They deserve to be together and I support them.”

Questions to Consider:

How will you decide to pamper yourself at your wedding? What things can be simple and affordable and what should you splurge on?

Did you know?

The Roman goddess Juno rules over marriage, the hearth, and childbirth; hence the popularity of June weddings.

Good Advice:

Save the best for last. You’ll appreciate it. Heather says, “The car was expensive but impressive and we enjoyed ending our evening with a wow-factor!”

Pride, peace, and pampering,


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Gay Bride Diaries Texas Lesbian Wedding
Gay Bride Diaries Texas Lesbian Wedding
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