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Dearly Beloved,

When I was ten I did an experiment. I decided to see how long I could actually go without peeing. I could usually hold my pee for a good 8 hours but I wanted to see how long I could actually go. Well, it turned out it was a day and a half. But the timing was pretty bad, because when I did eventually end up going it just came out. I had no control. I had my friend, Melissa, sleep over that night and the next day we were climbing our favorite tree, and Melissa had gone up first and higher than me. I was wearing tights and we in the tree when it just came out, ran down my tights, and down the tree. Melissa was mad because she had to climb down after me. She ended up crawling to the end of a branch, hanging, and jumping down. Why am I telling you this story? Postponing isn’t always a good idea. Especially with wedding planning.

Random Wedding thought of the week:

Have you noticed anything at another’s wedding that you can tell they postponed which probably shouldn’t have been?


Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Donna poured me another glass of water. I drank it but worried I would have to pee again. Peeing with a long dress on with a big belly isn’t a piece of cake, and they could call us at any minute.

Questions to Consider:

What can be postponed and what needs to be taken care of now or by a deadline?

Did you know?

Peeing in your wedding dress is something quite difficult and usually requires a friend or two to help hold up your dress in the handicap bathroom stall. Just consider that when planning your dress and venue.


Good Advice:

When we plan for things we tend to procrastinate. We put off doing what we should be doing. Sometimes we put it off so long, that by the time we call to see if the venue is available, it is already booked. There are some things that can’t wait, so just make sure after you make your list of things to do, make sure you add a “to do by” date and stick with it.

Pride, Pee, and Perilous Postponing,



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