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Music is what it’s all about. There’s more to wedding music than your first dance or the song playing while you walk down the isle. Think about the mood you want to create. Some people choose a theme, genre, or time period. If you are looking for old fashioned, you might choose older music. But it depends on how old you want to go back…40s swing, 60s? 70s disco theme? Maybe all classical music if you are doing the black, white, and red formal look. Or you can do it like my comic geek friends did and walk down the isle to the theme of Zelda. Either way, it’s your day, it should sound just how you want it.

Random Wedding thought of the week:

How many couples don’t have a song together? If you don’t you could pick your top ten and have your fiancé pick the one they like best and go with that one. It may become your song together or you’ll find one in the future that means more to you.

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

It was getting too last minute to find a harp player for the ceremony, and my friend Steve who played was going to be out of town. My dad would have played guitar at my wedding. He played at both of my brothers’ weddings. I wanted a violin or a string instrument. A CD would have to do.

Having put it off until two days before the wedding, I finally sat down and purchased online a few versions of Pachelbel’s Canon in D played on a harp. If I shortened it, the timing of walking down the aisle would be just right. I didn’t want to stand there too long while the song finished. Paying close attention to those types of details creates less awkward moments. Like my mother, and a true girl scout, I was good at being prepared for just about anything.

Questions to Consider:

Does your fiancé like jazz music? Will the older guests not approve of rap music? Will most of the crowd be young or will there be lots of children?

Did you know?

The number one wedding first dance song is now “All of Me,” by John Legend.

Good Advice:

Now the question is DJ, band, or CD player? If booking a band, do it as early as possible and hope they don’t break up or go on tour. In college once we asked this drum band to come to our party, but we couldn’t afford them. They ended up coming and playing for free. Just make sure you have a back up plan.

Pride, Percussion, and Phonographs,


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