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Dearly Beloved,

Nobody wants to be sick on their wedding day. So what can we do to prevent a sickness in the time of stress and lack of sleep? There are three things that work best for me. One: SLEEP. Sleep helps the immune system and regenerates and restores the body. But you say you have so much to do and don’t have time to sleep and have to work, etc, etc. My suggestion to you is that you put sleep as your number one priority. If you have to get up at 6am for work, then you go to bed at 10, no exceptions. If you need to plan and work on wedding things, don’t let that run into your sleep. Find any other time to do it. It may mean that you have to let some things go. Two: ZINC. It’s been shown if you take zinc at the sign of any symptoms it can make a cold go away or lessen it greatly. It works for many people so it’s worth a try. Three: CHIROPRACTIC. Some of you may go to a chiropractor already, and some may not believe in it. But it’s one more major thing you can do for your defenses against colds. The spinal chord is our immune system and chiropractic takes the pressure off of our spine so our immune system can function at full capacity. And it doesn’t hurt to wash your hands!

Random Wedding thought of the week:

If two introverts married and two extroverts married, would their weddings look dramatically different?

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Two days before the wedding, I came down with a terrible cold. I started to lose my voice. The same thing had happened to my mom the day of her wedding to her second husband. Her laryngitis was so bad that she could barely say “I do.” After her marriage ended she saw that as a sign that she shouldn’t have married him. I hoped I wouldn’t lose my voice.

Questions to Consider:

What are the most important things you need at your wedding? Let everything else go.

Did you know?

The groom carries the bride across the threshold to bravely protect her from evil spirits lurking below.

Good Advice:

Prioritize. You don’t need to have every single last item on your wedding wishlist. Your enjoyment of the day is more important. It’s important you stay healthy. Sleep. If you can’t sleep because of stress find ways to meditate, exercise, reduce the stress, and see a doctor if you must.

Pride, Physicians, and Priorities,


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