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Honeymoon, Babymoon, Party ‘til noon. Part 2 of 2.

So if international isn’t your destination, let’s stay closer to the US. My recommendations are Hawaii, Mexico, or a cruise. They are close to get to from the US, affordable, warm, exotic and romantic. Hawaii will be a little more expensive but look around for deals and options. The Hilton Waikoloa Village has everything you can imagine and it’s on two different islands. I recommend an all-inclusive resort if you pick Mexico. There are a number of nice cities to pick from, just make sure to check the info to make sure it’s safe to leave the resort or plan to stay the entire time at the resort. You should be spending more of the time in your room with your new spouse anyway 😉 Cruises are very nice and affordable ($100 a day per person which includes food). Most leave from Florida and they are safe and let you explore other islands and countries without the headache of driving, getting visas, finding restaurants, etc. Plus you can do lots of activities onboard and meet new people. There’s more than one bar just steps away, and a hot tub under the stars. Need I say more?

Random Wedding thought of the week:

Where’s the weirdest place someone has gone on their honeymoon? To see the largest ball of twine in Minnesota?

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

While ignoring the idea of losing another parent, I tried to accept losing another wedding fantasy. Donna and I would still go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, but now there were fewer than four weeks to get married before we left.

Questions to Consider:

Which cruise line? Is it worth upgrading? Carnival is the cheapest but you also get what you pay for. Norwegian and Royal Caribbean are overall great for the price and good variety. If you want better food, destinations, and a more adult atmosphere you may prefer Celebrity or Princess. It’s probably you’re only honeymoon, so if you can afford it, get the honeymoon suite or upgrade.

Did you know?

The theme song to “The Honeymooners” was “You’re My Greatest Love.”

Good Advice:

Even a local road trip to a fun destination might be your thing. Just be sure to not plan too much to do. Plan to relax with your spouse and enjoy their company and let the environment be secondary.


Pride, Pilgrimage, and Preferences,


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