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Dearly Beloved,

It’s June and summer solstice is approaching fast. This is the big month for the majority of brides. So there’s no better time then now to start planning your amazing future wedding. Go to other weddings and get ideas. Well, only if you’re invited. Here are some of my summer wedding planning ideas I invite you to think about.

Random Wedding thought of the week:

I just remembered floating down the river in Wisconsin with my wife, wearing white bikinis the summer after we were married. I originally thought it would be fun to have bouquets and veils with our bikinis and have a little ceremony before getting onto a raft and floating down the river. Just a thought…

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

I remember sitting with my mother outside on the bench in front of her house. It was May or June. Either Dad was sick in bed or well in Heaven, but it was just her and me. After a long pause she said, “It’s the temperature of Heaven.”

It was the air in which worries float away. It was the one moment of peace everyone expects yet rarely finds. We had it together.

Questions to Consider:

Is it June already and you want to plan a last minute summer wedding? Venues will be booked so I recommend the great outdoors. But since we usually have to consider weather unless you live in Reno and it’s sunny every day, I’d suggest making sure you have a roof or tent over yourselves and the guests so no one gets wet. What I’ve seen a lot of people do is get married in their parents’ backyard or a church privately with just family, and then have an outdoor party or BBQ for the guests. Affordable, casual, and more room for success.

Did you know?

June is the most popular wedding month in the US, followed by August, with the majority occurring May through October. Least popular is January.

Good Advice:

Perhaps the last thing your friends with kids want to do on a weekend in June is attend a wedding. Make your wedding part of the fun. Go to the water park after the ceremony. Roast marshmallows. Pick wildflowers. Rent some hammocks or a trampoline. Get out there and enjoy the summer while enjoying your wedding celebration. And maybe even tube down a river or kayak instead of walking down an isle. The guests can be waiting at the next river bend!

Pride, Pine trees, and Playgrounds,


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