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Dearly Beloved,

For us LGBTQ people this election may hurt us deeper than before. That’s why no matter what we must keep living and loving, and for a lot of us that means getting married! Don’t let anything stop you from planning and celebrating your love!

Random Wedding thought of the week:

We hope we will continue to have the legal right to get married to whomever we choose, but in case we have to start fighting for our rights again, we will marry and marry and marry again!

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:
“Legal Matters…. ‘And I will marry you every year for the rest of our lives.’”

Gay Bride Diaries: Response to the Trump Election Pride Prevails
Kelly & Her Wife on Their Wedding Day: Gay Bride Diaries In Response to the Trump Election Pride Prevails

Questions to Consider:

Do we invite family and friends who voted for Trump? If you love them, give them a chance, especially if your wedding is not for a few months or more. But if they are too outspoken, you don’t want anyone putting down your love on YOUR day.

Did you know?

People on death row have the right to marry.

Good Advice:

So if we have to get married again or for the first time, let’s stick to a budget. One usually doesn’t regret spending a few extra bucks on upgrading a photographer, flowers, or that fancy limo. But what we might regret is where we cut corners. Try to picture what you might end up being disappointed about the most by spending less. Then put more budget into that one thing and cut back on some others.

Let’s show this new president that we will be Pridezillas to the end!

Pride Prevails!

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