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Hers and Hers Hair and Makeup – Tying the Knot Edition


Well, you finally decided to tie the knot. First of all, congratulations! Now, let’s dive into the good stuff, and by good, we mean hair and makeup. When it comes to heterosexual weddings, there is only one bride and all eyes are on her. However, when planning a same-sex wedding, you have to be aware of the fact that the eyes will be on both brides, so double attention must be paid. So, let’s see what we can do to help you in the idea department. Your mind must be swirling with different ideas and directions when it comes to your hair and makeup looks, so we’re here to hopefully help you narrow your options down (or maybe even give you brand new ideas), so you both look as impeccable and flawless as your love.

Let’s talk about the hair

Most hairstylists will tell you to do the hair first as your makeup artist (or you, if you’re doing your own makeup) can unintentionally spoil a detail, especially if there is a fringe or bang situation going on. Therefore, we will be talking hair first. If you have long hair, but you don’t want to make a huge deal about it – no buns or over-the-top curls, you could go with one of the hottest low-key wedding trends of 2018– the ribbon. Simply put your hair in a low ponytail with a few strands surrounding your face gently and then tie a black ribbon around the tail in a simple bow. It’s bohemian, casual and chic at the same time. You can go with matching hairstyles, or keep reading to find more ideas in case you have different tastes.

The pixie

If you’re a proud owner of a pixie cut, you know that, while the hairstyle is cool and cute at the same time, you have to ‘upgrade’ it a bit as pixies tend to look the same all the time. One way to go is to move the fringe away from the face with the use of styling products and create a sort of slicked back look. Another way to go, if you’re looking to add a little more romance to your look, are hair accessories. It can be a simple flower crown, or even a Great Gatsby–inspired bejeweled accessory. If you both have short hair, you can use different accessories to make your hairdos the same, but different at the same time; the almost matchy-matchy moment will be super adorable.

Let it go

There are brides who simply prefer to let their hair down for the day and not be constricted by hairspray or pins, and some of the most dazzling brides are the ones who take this route. The best way to go about this, and not look like you look every day, is to do soft-beach waves that work for all lengths from a bob to super long Blake Lively strands. Your hairdresser could create a variation of the look by doing a soft loose braid in the form of a crown. That way, again, you’ll look coordinated, but still unique.

Makeup time

Ok, now that you’ve decided on your go-to hairstyle, it’s time to talk makeup. First of all, every great makeup artist will tell you not to try and transform your face with crazy contouring or colors that aren’t flattering on you – you want to look at these photos twenty years from now and still be in awe of the way both of you looked. Therefore, stick to the holy trinity – a good foundation, an excellent concealer and a lip color that’s both timeless and flattering.


General rules

Keep the makeup minimal – black eye shadow is so passé, so don’t even go there. Always keep your eye shape in mind when choosing your eye makeup – not all of us are born to rock a winged eyeliner. However, the main point is to place focus on either the eyes or the lips – never both. If you want a strong eye look, go for a nude lip, and if all you want is a bit of eyeliner and soft eye look, you can go as bold as you want when it comes to lips.

To match or not to match?

Again, it would be incredibly cute if the two of you coordinated your color palettes in one way or another. For instance, if your bride is going for a pink eye look, you do a pink lip. This will show the intangible connection, and it can be achieved even if your points of view on makeup differ completely. Finally, if makeup is not your cup of tea and you just want to look like yourself, there is always the foolproof no-makeup makeup look that will only enhance your natural features and make you look like you’re wearing no makeup at all.



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