How Renting a Limo Is Different Than Hiring an Uber Driver


Most people prefer to hire either a limo or an Uber taxi when they are away from home. This is because it enables them to move from one place at their own convenience. Besides that, they both spare you from the trouble of having to commute in congested public transport. When you want to hire an Uber driver, you simply hail their car using a mobile app. The story is a bit different when renting a limo. Since you can’t hail one in the streets, you have to book in advance. All in all, a limo service is the best option when you want more than just being dropped at your destination. Continue reading below to learn why you should settle for a limo service instead of an Uber driver.


  1. Comfortable and Clean


When you opt to travel from one place to another on a taxi, your comfort is not guaranteed. Some of the cars that are enrolled in Uber system usually come with a small cabin that’s hardly spacious enough to accommodate you and your luggage. Depending on the age of the car that you will hail, the seats might be old and have worn out padding. Sitting on such seats for more than an hour can be very unforgiving on your back. The other problem is that they are not cleaned on a regular basis. This means that you might sit on dirt or any other trash that was left behind by previous passengers.


On the other hand, when you rent a limo you are bound to get good value for your money. The seats are padded with foam material and covered with leather to make them gentle on you during the journey. The cabin is also spacious so that you can stretch or lie on your back without irritating the driver or knocking down some parts. Since limos are designed to offer a unique service, the cars are cleaned every day. Sometimes when the weather is wet, the cars are cleaned after every trip to maintain their appeal.


  1. Affordable and Customized Service


If you ask many people about a limo rental, they will tell you that it’s for the wealthy. The truth is that a limo is much affordable than you can imagine. For a start, the hourly rate package is normally inclusive of the drinks and everything else that you will consume during the journey. You will also not be charged extra money for your luggage. And since you will be dealing with the limo service company directly, there will be no loophole for the driver to exploit you. The other advantage is that they offer a customized service. Whether you are alone or in a group of 8 to 20, you will still get a limo that can carry all of you at a go. With a taxi service, the driver will charge you more money for the luggage. Besides that, Uber taxis normally have a passenger capacity of 4, meaning the car will have to make several trips. This can kill the fun of the event you are attending because you will have to wait for the other groups to arrive. Start here to find transportation near you: 


  1. Convenient


Uber taxis are not reliable. This is because they are not readily available like we are made to believe. The taxi can actually take too long in picking you up after hailing it. It’s also difficult to find one during holidays. But when you rent a limo, the company reserves it specifically for you, meaning you will not be kept waiting when you need it. Making a limo reservation is also stress free because the booking is done over the internet. The other benefit is that travelling in a limo to a business meeting or a party creates the right impression. When you go to meet business partners in a limo, they will definitely take you more seriously than when you are dropped at the venue by an old taxi.