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You can’t really have that Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marantino wedding splash with Liza Minnelli going bodysuit and Single Ladies on you (let’s not mention all the swans, even), but you can have love – and lots of it.

With gay marriage getting acknowledged in the whole of the US, the world has become more open to the notion of same sex marriage. So, you’ll hear rarely anyone voicing up against it. It’s the 21st century after all, so let’s hope no one cares anymore if girls love girls and boys love boys.

What’s true is that every wedding is a dream come true, no matter who you’re marrying. We pride (pun intended!) ourselves on being the best organizers in the world, which is why it’s important to make the wedding just the way our couples have been imagining it. Know that from where we’re coming from – weddings aren’t about dazzling with bling; rather, they are about impressing with style and class.

Here’s how we do it.

The Right Venue

Don’t settle for a mediocre place for when you’re saying your ‘I do’. Find a place which inspires a retro nostalgia feel, and make sure to book early. Moreover, the after-party should be relaxed and glamorous. After all, we are here to have fun, aren’t we?

Get the Right Clothes

You can’t just pretend to be retro. The whole wedding should revolve around a central theme, and unless you can get the right outfits, it won’t be that picture perfect celebration you’ve hoped it would be. Luckily, there are rentals for all sorts of clothes which are needed to complete the perfect wedding. When we go big, it’s best that everyone knows what’s going on. Keep it low-key though; we want everything to look beautiful and adorable, not like a fashion faux pas moment.

Do It Yourself Decoration

Pulling off a wedding on your own? Is that even possible? Not only is it possible, but it’s going to be the best wedding you have ever been to. Décor is vital, and it’ll be little details that tie together the atmosphere and the theme you are going for. Even simple DIY retro weddings can be manageable all the while looking great. However, keep in mind that certain retro themes will be harder to pull off, as some décor is either pricey or impossible to find.

Go Big or Go Home

Getting around to all the different places (picking up the groom, his parents, your parents, going to the church, the city hall, the venue, etc) can be extremely exhausting, and who wants to have their makeup ruined or attire messed up on their big day? 😉 Even more so, using new cars when you’re going for a retro style is just blasphemous. Stay in character and ask for vintage Rolls Royce hire to help you out. It’ll be a ride of your lifetime before ‘you’ becomes ‘we’. And it’s extra glamorous!

Be Sure of the Theme

We’ve seen it too many times – one of the two wants one thing, the other wants something completely different and they end up arguing instead of enjoying the process of setting the right theme. So, talk your options through before you decide to book. Further, pay attention to small details to ensure that your wedding goes by smoothly and that all the guests are happy.

All in all, the most important thing is that you choose a theme united, as you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Don’t rush the wedding planning as you might miss a vital detail that could throw off the whole appeal. Rely on skilled professionals to help you out and keep loving each other to the moon and back!

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