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How to Properly Dress for a Wedding Party

Have you received an invitation to a wedding party from a friend? The event will take place next week, and you are still undecided about what you will wear on occasion. A wedding reception is a formal ceremony with guests expected to arrive in proper dresses. You cannot go there dressed in a casual jeans T-shirt with a leather jacket as your outerwear. What are the rules, and what are the outfits that are considered suitable for a wedding event? How to appropriately dress for a wedding party to become the center of attraction? Let us find out in this article.

Don’t Feel Nervous if the Invitation is Vague

What to wear when going to attend a wedding party is a nerve-wracking question for most people. These people are looking for clues in the invitation and breathe a sigh of relief when they find a dress code in the center copy of the invitation. As a general rule of thumb, wedding guest dresses should be formal and according to the season in which the wedding is taking place. Just wear formal attire if you are a woman and opt for a formal suit if you are a man. Things become relatively easy when you find that a black necktie is optional or women should wear a cocktail dress mentioned in the dress code.

Wedding Attire for Men

The rules of dressing up for a wedding party are simple and easy to understand for men. If you are not a close friend or relative, you can just wear your best fitting formal suit with tie and leather shoes, and you are ready to shine at the party. You are doing fine as long as you have stayed away from denim and shorts. Avoid wearing fancy or loud shirts if you don’t want to be the odd man out at the wedding. Remember that you are not going there to give competition to the groom. Just keep in mind the season and the venue, and you know what to wear to gel with other guests at the party quickly.

Wedding Attire for Women

If it is easy for men to dress up for a wedding party, it is nothing short of a nightmare for women as they need to dress according to the occasion and outshine other ladies at the party. However, you look at your best when you keep in mind your physique and what looks good on you rather than imitate others. Women who love to dress up in different styles use the invitation as an excuse to try their new winter outfits. They also have an assortment of matching accessories to go with a particular dress. Just remember that you should not wear a white dress as a guest at a wedding party. White is the bride’s prerogative, and her wedding gown will also be many times more beautiful and expensive than your white dress. Also, it is not your intention to deflect all the attention on yourself, is it? Avoid wearing a black dress and sequins for a day wedding as these dresses make you look overdressed. Finally, do not wear low cut, body clinging, and too sexy outfits in honor of the close relatives and friends. You can always look feminine and gorgeous in cocktail and party dresses.

Attire for Informal Weddings

Informal weddings give you maximum liberty in terms of dresses you can choose to wear. You can easily wear a floral dress, a skirt top, or even pants when attending an informal daytime wedding. Also, you get freedom from high-heeled shoes when attending these informal weddings. You can again try your off-the-shoulder and halter neck dresses in these kinds of weddings. If such a marriage takes place in the evening, you can wear a maxi dress with flat shoes to look charming and pretty. If you want, you can also try your little black dress with high heels in the evening event.

Attire for Semi-Formal Weddings

If you are invited to a semi-formal wedding taking place in the daytime, you are free to wear your favorite cocktail dress with high heels. The little black dress that gives you a sensuous look is also a great choice for the informal wedding of someone who is not a relative or close friend.

Formal Weddings Daytime and Evening

It is the formal weddings that pose the biggest problem for the ladies. If it is a black-tie wedding, it means you have to stick to your formal party dresses. You are free to wear a cocktail dress with high heels if the black tie is optional. If it is a white tie wedding, it merely means you have no choice but to go for the most formal of your party dresses. Reserve black and flashy colors for the evening event, while light-colored dresses are more suitable for formal daytime weddings. A full-length gown is the most suitable dress for ladies at a traditional wedding.

If you are attending your gay or lesbian friends’ beach wedding, you will find the atmosphere cool and relaxed. For such an event, you are free to wear a beautiful sundress with flats. Beach weddings usually indicate casual dressing for the guests. But is it still a classy affair where you have to dress up appropriately.


In the end, it would suffice to say that you have more freedom to experiment when dressing up for daytime weddings as they are more informal than evening events. Ball gowns and maxi dresses are more suitable for formal evening weddings, whereas you are free to try a midi dress, a wrap dress, a shift dress, or even a chic jumpsuit when getting ready for a daytime wedding. You can reserve light-colored and floral prints for daytime weddings whereas you should wear black and other bright color dresses in the evening events. A little black dress or a navy blue dress in heavy fabric is a perfect choice for a wedding in the winter season. Choose a long-sleeved gown if the wedding is taking place inside a church.

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