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Innovative Ways to Announce Your Wedding Date

Getting married is one of the most wonderful milestones in a couple’s life because it shows their commitment to sticking it out with each other through thick or thin. Through weddings, families and friends are reunited and everyone gets to spend some quality time together with the bride and groom. Thereby, as early as the time you got engaged, pin on your perfect wedding date so that your family and friends can block their schedules and dedicate their time to your wedding date. Below are some innovative ways on how you can announce that special date to everyone you love.


  1. Create your own website

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for everyone and anyone to access information through digital channels. Leverage on this fact and create your own wedding website. Not only will you be able to announce your wedding date here, but you can use it to manage your entire wedding ceremony as well from your guest lists to your suppliers. It is quite easy to make a website nowadays because of the availability of numerous free and customizable website builders.

  1. Come up with a movie poster

Another creative idea to announce your special date is by making your own movie poster. If you are tech-savvy and you know your way around software such as Photoshop or Canva, this is quite effortless for you. You may be surprised at how good you look as those popular movie stars. Send a soft copy of your movie poster via email or post it on your social media accounts and for sure, well-wishes will come non-stop.

  1. Try out encrypted messages

Using vanishing ink or invisible ink on the save the date cards that you will be sending out is a fun way to keep your family and friends guessing about what you want to tell them. When you give out the save the date cards though, make sure that you also include the tool they need to decrypt the message. For instance, don’t forget the special glasses that they need to use to see through the invisible ink or a small bottle of water to spray the card and make the message visible.

  1. Burn it on wood

If you lean towards holding a rustic theme wedding, then imprinting the details of your wedding on small pieces of wood would be a perfect idea. You just need a wood-burning tool with a flow point tip to burn your wedding date, as well as other intricate designs on the wood. The great thing about this is that your save the date announcement will surely last for a long time.

To wrap things up, create your own website not only to announce your wedding date but to manage your entire wedding too. You can also opt for a movie poster save the date announcement, go for encrypted messages, or burn your wedding date on wood. Either way, the important thing is that you are able to let your family and friends know your exact wedding date and have them there with you as you celebrate your love for each other.


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