Joy is a new, amazing wedding planning website and app that can help you manage EVERY detail of your wedding. Every detail means you can manage your guest list, save the dates, invitations & RSVP’s, and registry all in one place. You can do this all from your phone or desktop. You can create the website from your desktop and then manage the rest from your app on your phone or vice versa. Joy has taken all of stress out of planning and made it fun and exciting. Best part – it’s free.

The user ability of is simply amazing. You can easily change the layout, the theme, the colors, fonts and more with a few mouse clicks. Creating and designing a wedding website has never been easier or more fun. If you get stuck along the way or have a question about building your site, you can live chat with their engineers and designers. Joy is so user friendly brides and grooms brag about their non-tech savvy grandmothers RSVP-ing and securing gifts off their registry all through their wedding website created on

The guest list feature they offer is something that looks so fun I want to go back and re-plan my own wedding. The feature of being able to create your own labels for guests such as “out of towner” or “kids” is genius. The functionality of downloading and exporting spreadsheets is invaluable as you can easily share this with your venue, partner or parents.

Another feature that we absolutely love is the ability to collect and store all the photos your guests take from your big day in one spot. Instead of trying to hunt down that amazing selfie you and your MOH took or get the adorable pic of you and your grandmother taken by your co-workers plus one, your guests can upload their photos to your wedding website.

Lastly, the usage of real same sex couples in the wedding designs and templates users can choose from in the examples is awesome. Some platforms still don’t understand that imagery from real gay and lesbian couples used in marketing materials is essential to creating a positive and welcoming environment and for drawing interest and engagement from the LGBT community. This is a company that gets the concept of inclusivity. is welcoming and excited to work with same sex couples and it shows.

Benefits of Joy

  • It’s Free
  • It’s Fun
  • Environmentally friendly – no postage expense, no paper & no problem

Features of Joy

  • Create a wedding website to house all wedding details
  • Manage Guest List (accept RSVP’s)
  • Collect photos your guests take
  • Save the dates
  • Invitations
  • Gift Registry
  • Mobile app

If you are planning a wedding in the near future, is an essential place to start to get your guests excited as well as a place to get creative and organized with your partner for your big day.

We all want to cultivate more joy in our lives and this is a product that does just that by its streamlined design, ease of use and by making wedding planning a fun and joyous experience for couples. The wedding experience and the process of getting to your big day is something that should cultivate joy in your life and ensures your wedding planning will be joyful.

Check out some real life same sex couples who have used Joy to build their wedding website. Their real life proposal stories are below. These are real gay and lesbian couples who used Joy to send invitations, register for gifts and plan their wedding and more. Enjoy! Just make sure you grab a box of tissues!

Amy & Amy Same Sex Wedding Website Builder Same Sex Wedding Website Builder | Amy + Amy Real Couple

Kristen & Mollie

Kristen + Mollie |
Kristen + Mollie |

Evan & Terran

Joy The Free Wedding Planning Website and App - Same Sex Weddings
Joy The Free Wedding Planning Website and App – Same Sex Weddings | Evan & Terran