Clean Origin

Clean Origin is an online wedding ring and engagement ring retailer that has been featured in Vogue,Brides, Real Simple and Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. You can build your own lab-created diamond ring or shop their collection of beautiful and sparkly designs.

Clean Origin - Lab Grown Diamonds & Wedding Rings
Clean Origin – Lab Grown Diamonds & Wedding Rings

Lab Created Diamonds & Engagement Rings 

Lab created diamonds seem to be dominating the market or at least making a major splash on the wedding ring industry. This is a great news for the environment and for the pocketbooks of the millions of couples getting engaged each year. The data shows that millennials care deeply about how their products are made and that the products they consume and purchase have an ethical and pro-environment stance. As more and more millennials are getting married this is trickling down to the wedding ring and diamond market.

Lab-created diamonds are 100% conflict free and do not cause the radical environmental destruction that mined diamonds produce. There are marine mined diamonds and open pit mining which all cause major damage to the land and ocean.

Clean Origin - Lab Grown Diamonds & Wedding Rings
Clean Origin – Lab Grown Diamonds & Wedding Rings

Buying Wedding Rings Online

Buying things online is something we all do everyday. Diamonds are now part of that convenience. No longer do consumers and couples who are wedding ring shopping or those who are ready to pop the question in surprise – have to play the marketing games the big brand jewelers play. You don’t have to wait for an annual sale or a Valentine’s Day price drop. Clean Origin has transparent pricing and all their pricing is listed on their products. We all know the frustrations of seeing a beautiful ring in a magazine or a store with the words, “price upon request.”

Gone are the days of having the awkward bartering with a jeweler or having to bargain for the best price not knowing if you really received a deal or not. Buying your ring online and buying a lab-grown diamond cuts out the games and the middlemen.

Clean Origin - Lab Grown Diamonds & Wedding Rings
Clean Origin – Lab Grown Diamonds & Wedding Rings

Website Features

Clean Origin has a beautiful website with easy to navigate features which makes buying, designing and giving a wedding purchased online that much more fun and simpler. The site design immediately lets you know you are working with a reputable company. Everything is simple, you can find what you are looking for quickly and their rings and jewelry are beautiful. You can shop by diamond shape, size and see photos of real rings on real people.

Clean Origin - Lab Grown Diamonds & Wedding Rings
Clean Origin – Lab Grown Diamonds & Wedding Rings

About Clean Origin

They are third generation jewelers that put a huge emphasis on quality. They want you to be happy with their ring and they understand you could change your mind or not like the ring. They offer phone and email support in addition to a100-day money-back guarantee.

They also sell loose stones so that you can use an existing setting or a family heirloom setting from your grandmother, mother or other important relative.

Important Details

If you are planning a surprise engagement – don’t worry – their packaging is discreet and doesn’t shout – wedding ring inside. They offer financing, 100-day easy returns and free shipping which is 100% insured. Signature is required for delivery which is part of the secured delivery.

They currently only ship within the United States and your ring will arrive in about 7-10 days. They offer free resizing and a lifetime manufacturing warranty.

Real Reviews

I always find peace of mind and reassurance in my purchase decision by reading product reviews. I like to see real photos of the rings on real brides and on real customers. Buying a diamond online can be nerve-wrecking. It’s a big purchase and a big commitment. Reading reviews of real customers helps remove the fear and also provides excitementabout such a big purchase. Real reviews help to provide encouragement that you have made the right decision in trusting this company with one of the most important purchasing decisions you need to make. Clean Origin has any 5 star reviews that help you know that you have made the right decision on a major life purchase such as a wedding or engagement ring.

“I purchased an engagement ring and center stone from Clean Origin. The ring is gorgeous and the diamond is the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen. Their customer service is top notch and very responsive. I will definitely be purchasing the wedding band from them. I will recommend them to anyone in the market for an engagement ring or diamond!!” says Clean Origin customer, Matt T.

Clean Origin is proud to work with the LGBT community and would be honored to help you plan and purchase your wedding ring or engagement rings. Call 1-888-487-2145 or visit their websiteto start designing your ring today.