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Lesbian Batman-themed wedding Campus Club Minneapolis

Talk about the perfect place to get married–in the middle of the city with floor to ceiling windows, an outdoor terrace and panoramic views of both the Minneapolis skyline and Mississippi River. Not to mention a wedding couple who delighted all with their ‘Batman-themed’ wedding. In the words of Batman “All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine”. And in the words of Mary and Kayla: “LOVE…….has not limits, and in marriage we shall exceed them all”.

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About Charnell Timms Photography:
Charnell Timms is a creative and innovative gay-owned photography studio based in Minneapolis’s mini gay mecca. As your photographer, Charnell makes it her mission to not only make you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe, in the comfort of your own community, but to ensure that you have a blast and enjoy the photo session too.

One of the advantages of keeping it ‘in the community’, and booking a LGBT photographer like Charnell, is that it saves you from explaining a lot of nuanced background details that traditional wedding couples take for granted and don’t need to think about.

Between her unique ‘Urban energy’ photoshoots, and her ‘Civil twilight’ nightscapes, she has carved a refreshing niche into the Minneapolis gay wedding scene.

Mobile: +1 (763) 447-7883 | +27 (84) 366-0046











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