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Lesbian Wedding Advice -Plan for Rain & Tornados. Kelly is back with more lesbian wedding advice, her fun random thoughts on wedding planning and lesbian wedding tips.

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Dearly Beloved,

I heard a Bridezilla story, and I encourage you not to be a Bridezilla, but a Pridezilla. So the Bridezilla I heard about had planned for an outdoor wedding, and her backup if it rained was in a barn. As luck would have it, it not only rained on her wedding day, it down right poured with high winds. The barn would have been a great backup had the wind not have been blowing so fiercely. Since it became horizontal rain, the covered barn’s roof leaked on their tables, dresses, it was a disaster. Maybe you can’t blame her for becoming a Bridezilla, but the way she handled it was not very ladylike. She had her bridesmaids help move all the stuff out of the barn after they had spent hours helping her set up. She even asked them to come back and clean up after the wedding and the next day asked them to take another day out of their schedules to put on their dresses and retake the photos outside. Yikes!

Random Wedding thought of the week:

Is there such thing as luck when it comes to weddings?

Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

On the morning of Donna’s and my wedding day it rained. Our backyard wedding dream would have to change like previous plans. Today was exactly 47 years after the tornadoes traumatized my teenage mother on May 6th, 1965. My voice had returned and I called Mom.

“I’m tired but I’m okay. I take a lot of breaks. Tom has done a lot. The yard looks so pretty,” Mom said.

“Too bad we will probably have to get married inside,” I said.

Questions to Consider:

What is our backup plan if we are having an outdoor wedding and it rains? What is our backup plan if there’s a traffic jam and most guests can’t make it to the ceremony on time? What if there’s a tornado warning for the area we are getting married in? Keep in the back of your mind some quick solutions to things that may or may not come up. Probability can be evil. Murphy’s law says if there’s a chance it will most likely happen to you. If you switch lanes at the grocery store, the new lane will then move slower and the one you switched from will move faster. So if there’s 20 sunny days in the forecast before your wedding, plan for yours to be rainy….unless you live in Reno, NV. I don’t think it ever has rained there.

Did you know?

The English believe a spider found in a wedding dress means good luck.

Good Advice:

Make sure whatever weather conditions that can occur during your ceremony and reception are planned for. In particular what you are wearing. If you are getting married in the cold time of year, plan for it. Maybe you have a furry white shall or an elegant sweater. Maybe you have a decorated umbrella or parasol. Maybe you need to wear long underwear under a tux. Or maybe you need that optional outfit if you get overheated. Either way you will be glad you prepared.

Pride, Probability, and Precipitation,


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Lesbian Wedding Advice & Ideas - Plan for Rain 1
Lesbian Wedding Advice & Ideas – Plan for Rain
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