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Dearly Beloved,

People get married on Halloween. And it’s on a Saturday this year. I was invited to a wedding this October 31st. Like me, you may have questions. Do most guests dress up in costumes? Do they let kids come? Will there be extra Halloween candy besides cake? For people with young kids, they will usually want to stay home and trick or treat with them. So is it a bad idea to have your wedding on Halloween? If you and your partner are both diehard Halloween fans, then I guess we’ll understand.


Random Wedding thought of the week:

What’s the most obnoxious first dance song a couple has picked? “I like big butts….” No, seriously, I want to know!


Quote from my memoir, “Diary of a Gay, Pregnant Bride”:

Donna let me take care of almost all of the wedding details. She wanted it to be simple, since she had been married before and was tired of over-the-top Vietnamese traditional weddings. Letting me take care of the details also caused fewer agreements.

Questions to Consider:

Salsa anyone? Should you learn gay Latin dance moves for your first dance? We learned some Swing, it was fun and went over well. I recommend it! See if your city has gay dancing lessons if you feel more comfortable with same-sex couple dance partners. Now the only question left is: Who will lead?

Did you know?

The shape of the heart came from the ancient and extinct Greek plant, Silphium.

Good Advice:

If your wedding is on Halloween you might use dead dried up flowers for that haunting theme. Much cheaper too and you don’t need water. They can still be colorful with a nice autumn color palette or whichever color you have chosen. Halloween’s mood is usually grave and spooky, but you can turn that into festive and lively with a few tricks and treats…haha. On Halloween any costume goes, but try keeping it wedding appropriate. Like be a priest or James Bond. You are dressed up nice and formal. How bout a marti gras mask with an elegant gown? I went to a semi-goth wedding once and the cake looked like something from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Check out the photo by Alacrity Photography.


Pride, Potions, and Pumpkins,


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