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Gay-Friendly Wedding Invitations & Cards

You will typically need to send out two sets of invitations. First, you will need to send out a save the date card. This is generally a simple postcard or notes letting guests know the date of the wedding as early as possible.

Along with this card, you will need to plan the gay wedding invitations. Invitations can be elaborate, with intricate details, or a basic card in a plain, white envelope. If you are just getting started with your wedding invitations, here are a few tips:

  • Decide on a style for your wedding. If you have not already defined the overall style of your wedding, such as the decorations and floral arrangements that you are going to use, you may want to wait on the invitations until you have done so. Try to tie in the look of the invitations to the style of your wedding. Incorporate the same colors and theme.
  • Make sure your invitations are legible. It is okay to use fancy lettering on your card, as long as your guests are able to read the important text – such as the time and location of the wedding.
  • Proofread and spell check your invitation. As a final tip, before you send out your cards, create a sample invitation. Double check all of the spelling and grammar. You do not want to print out a 100 card only to find you misspelled a single word.

Invitations should be sent out several months before the wedding. People need time to make preparations, flight arrangements, and other plans to attend to your wedding. Get started on your invitations as soon as possible!

About Pridezillas:

Pridezillas wedding vendors all celebrate pride, love and equality. We only promote LGBT-friendly wedding vendors who support marriage equality. When you contact one of these businesses, you can be assured that they will be excited to help you orchestrate one of the most memorable days of your life.

Mention Pridezillas when contacting the vendors below for potential and occasional discounts or offers for your same-sex wedding.