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Hair & Makeup Artists for Same-Sex Weddings

For your wedding hair and makeup you could always book your favorite salon or

After taking care of dresses and tuxes, you still need to deal with hair and makeup. It is natural for you to want to look your best for your wedding, which is why you should ensure you have covered all your bases and learn the Do’s and Don’ts of wedding hair and makeup.

  • DO a trial run. About three weeks before your wedding, do a trial run and get ready as if you were preparing for the wedding. Wear a white t-shirt, so that you can imagine how your skin complexion will appear while wearing a wedding dress. If you are going to wear a tux, wear a black t-shirt to the trial.
  • DO NOT get a tan the day before your wedding. If you are going to go to the salon for a tan, do so before your trial run. You do not want to suddenly surprise your makeup artist by showing up several shades darker. If you are going to tan, start tanning, at least, five weeks before your wedding, so that you will already be darker by the time you do a test run of your hair and makeup.
  • DO compensate for the whiteness of the dress. But, do not add too much color or plaster on the makeup. There is a major difference than adding some color to your lips and cheeks and plastering vibrant eyeliner and makeup across your face.
  • DO NOT forget to blend your makeup down your neck and around your shoulders. If your neckline is going to be visible in your dress, you do not want your face to be a different color from your body.

DO have fun finding the best same-sex hair and makeup stylists in your area.

About Pridezillas:

Pridezillas wedding vendors all celebrate pride, love and equality. We only promote LGBT-friendly wedding vendors who support marriage equality. When you contact one of these businesses, you can be assured that they will be excited to help you orchestrate one of the most memorable days of your life.

Mention Pridezillas when contacting the vendors below for potential and occasional discounts or offers for your same-sex wedding.