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Gay-Friendly Wedding Lighting Rentals & Vendors

Either for your reception or for formal wedding photos, you may need additional lighting. This will depend on the location of your ceremonies, indoors or outdoors, and the time of day. With the right lighting, you can completely transform the atmosphere of any venue.

Some examples of wedding lighting that could help includes:

  • Lighting stands
  • Backlight cannons
  • Globe lighting
  • Under table lighting

If you require help with the lighting, your wedding photographer or a gay-friendly wedding lighting vendor should be able to assist you. Your event designer or florist may also be able to provide some input.

Visit your venue at the same time of the day or evening that your reception will be occurring. You may need to contact the management at the location of your reception to set up a time to assess the site. See what the lighting is like to get an idea of what type of additional lighting you may use.

Make sure that the electrical demands of the lighting do not interfere with the electricity needed for any other services, such as the DJ booth or a live band.

Lighting can be used indoors or outdoors. When throwing a reception outdoors, lighting can help illuminate pathways for your guests or give the reception area the right atmosphere.

After you have booked a venue, look for wedding light rental vendors to brighten up your wedding. Get rates, compare prices, and ask for advice on choosing and setting up additional lighting.

About Pridezillas:

Pridezillas wedding vendors all celebrate pride, love and equality. We only promote LGBT-friendly wedding vendors who support marriage equality. When you contact one of these businesses, you can be assured that they will be excited to help you orchestrate one of the most memorable days of your life.

Mention Pridezillas when contacting the vendors below for potential and occasional discounts or offers for your same-sex wedding.