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New York, United States

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Available for weddings in New York, Long Island, throughout the Northeast, and New Orleans and the Northshore. A member in good standing of the National Association of Wedding Officiants. I was validly ordained a Roman Catholic Priest May 10,1980. As of 1987 I am a Bishop and Pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church with valid priesthood and valid sacraments. In Catholic theology the couple gives the sacrament to one another by their vows which the Priest blesses. I would like to meet with each couple, two or three time which would be considered the pre-cana. The day of the wedding I will give you a church certificate of the marriage and there will be no problem in the future having children baptized. All of the marriages that I perform are both SACRAMENTAL and LEGAL. I would be honored to bless your marriage before the Lord, in any type of traditional Catholic, spiritual, or contemporary ceremony that you choose that best reflects your love for one another and faith in each other. I am happy to do traditional Catholic ceremonies, for those getting married for the first time, or for those who have been previously married and divorced, with no annulment necessary. I will also do spiritual or more personalized ceremonies reflecting you own beliefs. The general OUTLINE that I follow is:
  • Greeting
  • Opening prayer
  • One or two reading from scripture, poetry or modern reflections
  • Gospel
  • Sermon on love and marriage
  • Exchange of vows, either traditional or personalized
  • Blessing and exchange of rings
  • Unity candle or sand ceremony
  • Medallion ceremony if there are any children from a previous marriage
  • Roses to the mother and fathers
  • Our father
  • Concluding prayer
  • Memorial to deceased family members, nuptial blessing
  • Pronouncement
I encourage you to personalize the ceremony by picking out the prayers and readings; having people do the readings; adding music; writing your own vows; and any other personal touches. LET THE CEREMONY REFLECT YOU. THE MORE PERSONAL, THE MORE MEANINGFUL FOR EVERYONE. In terms of INTERFAITH weddings with a Rabbi, the outline for the ceremony is:
  • greeting (Rabbi)
  • prayer (Priest)
  • Old Testament reading (Rabbi)
  • New Testament reading (Priest)
  • kiddish cup (Rabbi)
  • vows (Priest)
  • rings (Rabbi)
  • unity candle (Priest)
  • sermon (Rabbi and Priest)
  • Priestly blessing (Rabbi and Priest)
  • breaking of glass (Rabbi)
The fee or donation goes directly to the church and is all tax deductible for you. The deposit is $200.00 made payable to Good Shepherd Catholic Church. The remaining balance is $300. The total cost, with meetings and materials is $500.00 (if there is a family or parish emergency another priest of the parish would cover the wedding; no worries). I am available for weddings on all of Long Island, New York City, and the Northeast. Please call 631-728-2633. For New Orleans weddings please call: 985.373.3222. May this time of preparation and planning be less anxious for you because of my expertise being a Catholic Priest for over 30 year and the peaceful nature that our sessions will express to you and to your families.  
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