Looking for a Durian Cake? Here’s Where to Get it in Singapore


The fruit native to Asia known as durian is evidently one of Singapore’s most unique and iconic fruits! The natural fruit derived from the planet has been used for many years and has provided Singaporeans with the ability to be creative with their cuisine, giving them the tools to create and produce some of the most innovative dishes known to man. 


The fruit containing 30 different species has been depicted as “the king of fruits” for centuries and has been used not only to satisfy the hungry appetites of many but is also used for medicinal purposes due to its many health benefits.



Over many years the locals have experimented with this form of fruit and have put their culinary skills to the test, passing with flying colors, producing local dishes such as rice dishes, pizza and even ice cream, which have gone down a treat with both Singaporeans and tourists! Yes, it is evident that the natives certainly have proudly acquired the title of the ultimate culinary experts surrounding the durian fruit, as visitors flock from all around the world to sample the latest dish derived from “the king of fruits.”

The Durian Cake is Singapore’s Ultimate Culinary Masterpiece!

The local cuisines that consist of the durian fruit truly are endless, each one being a culinary masterpiece! However, there is one creation that is at the top of the scale in popularity and I must say claims first place for its marvel, it is the invention of the durian cake! The Singaporean masters have managed to implement the tropical fruit into one of the most sought-after desert options and it certainly has taken the world by storm! Now, whether the durian cake has evaded your grasp and you are looking to satisfy your curiosity or if you have sampled the durian cake time and time again and just cannot get enough, here are a few places where you can get your hands on the ultimate desert containing the tropical fruit from the land of Singapore!



Now, if you really want to satisfy your fruity taste buds, then it is safe to say that the founders of Emicakes will not fail in the challenge. Being in the business now for over 20 years they certainly have earned their stripes in the catering sector and successfully fall into the category of being true masters of deserts, especially of the durian kind! They even provide customers with the option to use their durian cake delivery by Emicakes to have the “king of fruits” delivered right to their door and with a variety of sponge cakes filled with various durian fruits, who could resist the temptation of partaking in a little home delivery! 

Cakes and Cupcakes

If you are really in the mood for a durian treat that consists of numerous layers of not only Mao Shang Wang durian but is also stacked with 20 layers of crepe then the bakery known as cakes and cupcakes will be the perfect choice for you. Adding absolutely zero preservatives and using only the freshest of durian, the culinary masters of Cakes and Cupcakes pride themselves on serving only the best of quality deserts and also cater to a wider audience, carrying a huge variety of other durian-based desert options including their scrumptious signature serving of musang king polo, which truly is delicious!  

The Durian Bakery

The Durian Bakery provides its valuable customers with masses of fresh durian-based products that contain nil added preservatives. Not only do they present a wide range of unique offerings but they also cater to those wishing to maybe add a sentimental touch to their durian desert! Providing personalized services, the durian cake can be the perfect gift for every occasion such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and birthdays. You can choose to add items such as toppers, candles, and even supply cards where you can bestow upon loved ones a personal message. One of their most renowned deserts known as the Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake is one of their most popular creations and is described as bursting with rich flavors due to the concoction including both Black-Gold and Old Tree, derived from the durian fruit.

Cat and the Fiddle

The Cat and the Fiddle is the ultimate establishment for the cheesecake lovers of the world, as they offer a whopping total of 17 different cheesecake options, it really is a sweet-tooth paradise. With all the produce Halal-certified they offer some pretty sensational creations, amongst them lying the popular Musang Fury Mao Shan Wang Durian Cheesecake which really is a treat on the palate. The desert is whipped up by using both cream cheese and the magic ingredient of aromatic Musang King Pulp. The bakery also has a handy online shop that allows you to order ahead to collect or you can take advantage of their home delivery service. 

Four Seasons Durian 

The Four Seasons Durians first began business almost half a decade ago and started out as just a stall distributing fresh fruit. It was back in 2002 when the stall branched out, transforming its image to become a thematic store. Nowadays the establishment not only prides itself on producing to the world the finest of cakes but also showcases a wide range of durian deserts, including that of the Mao Shang ice cream. The bakery also allows customers the luxury of being able to customize, by being able to not only select from a variety of sizes but also choose their most favorite durian to be used within their cake!  

Ms Durian

The bakers over at Ms Durian create some of the most delicious durian-based deserts in the entire city. All free of artificial colors/flavors and used with the finest fresh durian on a daily basis, Ms Durian produces some of the most delectable sweet treats within the land! Their desert options include their delicious durian pudding and their popular serving of durian mousse cake that consists of both gula melaka and Mao Shan Wang Durian, the taste really is out of this world! The durian-based deserts over at Ms Durian will certainly succeed in satisfying those forever tantalizing taste buds!


The city of Singapore certainly is the durian capital of the world and the locals surely have taken the title of being the culinary masters of “the king of fruits.” By experimenting for many years with the tropical fruit native to their country, they have provided the public with one of the most creative and delectable sweet treats on the planet. Hats off to them!