How to Organise a Perfect LGBT Bachelor Party



And it’s official – the Australian Parliament passed the bill to legalise same-sex marriage. Now, it’s time to propose to your partner and eventually organise the best bachelor party that you’ve wanted to organise and attend for so, so long. However, it doesn’t matter where you live, organising a perfect bachelor party is definitely a must. Have in mind that not all gay bachelor parties should be completely wild, as it is not applicable to all gay men. However, you can wild it up a notch, and if you don’t know how, take a look at the following tips for organising the best stag-do this year. We’re already HUNGover!


1. The organisation necessities

As for any other event, organising the necessities is the first step. The necessities come in three stages, with the first one being the guest list. Of course, this requires for you to actually sit down and write down the names of all the people you want at your bachelor party (or the party of your best friend since grooms don’t organise their own bachelor parties). Think carefully if you want to go big or keep it intimate. If you want to do it big, it should be bigger than a regular birthday celebration, but smaller than the wedding. If you go with the latter one, write down only your closest friends. After that, choose the venue of the event. If the party’s going to be big, choose a venue according to the number of the invitees. Once you have that settled, print out the invitations and hand them out. Make sure to choose them in accordance with the theme of the party (if you have one).

2. Meeting up



As there are two grooms (or two brides), then there must be two bachelor/bachelorette parties. It’s always a good idea to have separate parties beforehand, but the whole point of that is for the two sides to eventually meet and continue partying until the morning hours. The venue you’ve chosen for the bachelor party could be the main venue where the two sides will meet, while choosing a smaller one (or somebody’s apartment, weekend house or such) could be the first venue of the night (the one with the strippers). After all, the more, the merrier (or gayer).


3. Go wild with strippers

Even though we already mentioned that gay bachelor parties don’t have to be very wild, getting a stripper is just a must-do when organising a bachelor party. We all like to see some eye-candy and what’s a more perfect place for that than a bachelor party? However, take a look at the list and see if all the invitees are interested in men. If yes, getting one or two great-looking strippers (with big guns) is the next step for you. If you have invitees who are interested in the other sex, then getting a male and a female stripper is a better idea. You want all of the people at the party to feel satisfied and with this, you killed two birds with one (actually two) stones.


4. Drinks and food



Let’s be honest – not many people care about the buffet at a bachelor party. However, having one is definitely a must, so hiring a catering company to do that for you should be a good idea, but don’t spend too much time thinking about the menu. All the guests will enjoy whatever there is on the table, so spend your energy on organising a good bar. The best idea would be to organise a cocktail party. There are many cocktail recipes online, so you should definitely browse through them. As you also need regular drinks, once you’re browsing for cocktail ideas, you could buy wines online or any other drink that you know your guests drink. That way, you’ll be saving yourself time by not going to the drink store while also making sure your guests drink the wines of the best wineries in the country.


5. Consider a road trip

However, if you don’t want anything of this sort, taking a road trip with the besties is another excellent idea. It’s something that gained a lot of popularity lately, and it has its advantages. For the same amount of money that you would otherwise spend on a killer party, you could take the groom and a couple of friends to a country you haven’t seen before. There are great destinations out there, so choosing one could be a great idea.


Organising an LGBT bachelor party could be the most entertaining organisation endeavour you will have. So sit down, try to think about everything, take our tips into account, and there you go!